Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


7. Trapped

I felt confused. I wanted to go home, sleep in my own, messy room and in my own bed, go out with my friends, get drunk... Just having my normal life back.
But we were stuck in a stupid jungle. And we weren't even sure where we were. Scarlett said we were probably in Australia. Thinking about Scarlett again made me even more confused.
I mean, we just met a few days ago. She turned out to be different than I had originally thought she was and I had to admit: I kind of liked her. And we hadn't even talked much.
My thoughts wandered back to getting out of the jungle and I made a quick decision.
We had to talk. The whole group. We had to make plans and we had to discuss what we were going to do. We had to make some sort of schedule for every day.
I got up and looked at everyone. Conversations were ended and soon, they were all quiet, looking up at me.
'I think we need to talk.' I began. Nobody responded. 'We are stuck in this jungle. We don't know where we are and we don't know if the pilots have sent a signal when we crashed. So we don't know if our rescue knows where we are. We have all taken this too lightly. We need to take things more seriously. What if someone gets sick? What if someone falls and breaks a leg? The crash was days ago and we haven't been rescued yet. Let’s be honest; it doesn’t look good. I think we might be stuck here for at least another week.’ I stopped for a second, to let my words sink in. Then, I continued. ‘We have to make plans. What are we going to do? Waiting for our rescue to come? Or are we going to follow the river, hoping one day we’ll find civilisation? And food. We’re hungry half of the time for christ’s sake!’ I spoke loudly. Niall and Louis nodded.
‘I think Harry is right. We need to take things more seriously. We should fill our days with searching for food. And following the river.’ Liam said, earning nods from Scarlett and Niall.
‘But if we keep moving, how are we ever going to be rescued?’ Zayn asked, looking around the group.
‘We’ll leave marks. If they are searching for us and find the plane, they’ll search the whole area around it. I’m sure they’ll figure out we went to the closest water source, so if we leave marks, they will find us soon enough.’ Scarlett explained.
I smiled at her. ‘Good idea.’ She smiled back at me. ‘Ofcourse.’
‘So, we’re going to follow the river then?’ Liam asked. ‘If everyone agrees.’ I said.
Scarlett, Liam, Niall and Louis nodded. Zayn frowned but eventually nodded as well.
‘Alright, that’s setteled then. I think we shouldn’t move away from here until we have collected enough food. We’ll be walking the whole day, so we won’t have any time – and energy – to search for food after we set up a camp.’
Everyone agreed again and we all decided to leave the next day, early in the morning; so we could rest when the sun was on its highest point.
‘Let’s search for food then.’ Niall said, already getting up. ‘We should make teams.’ Louis said. I nodded. ‘That’s probably the best idea. What shall we do, three teams of two or two teams of three?’
‘I think two teams of three. In case someone gets hurt or something.’ Scarlett suggested.
We agreed and seconds later we had made two teams of three.
Niall, Liam and Scarlett were going to search for fruit and edible plants and Louis, Zayn and I were going to make traps and trying to catch fish. Emphasizing the word ‘trying’. I was pretty sure we would end up empty-handed.

One hour later, we had collected quite some fruit. I was the one who had to climb the trees – sounds awful, but I secretly liked it – and the one who had to taste the fruit before we took it. I was getting pretty exhausted though.
‘Alright. One more tree, then we’re going to search for plants on the ground.’ I said, carefully climbing down. ‘How do you know which plants we can eat?’ Niall asked, placing his hands lightly on my hips, probably in case I would fall. Like I hadn’t just climbed a whole fucking tree.
‘I don’t know. Maybe there’s something we recognise. And we’ll cook it anyway, just in case.’ I replied, finally on the ground. I grabbed a backpack and walked towards Liam.
It was a small open place so the vegetation was different here. I suddenly noticed a small stream, running down the slowly descending ground and I sat on my knees, to splash some water into my face. It was surprisingly cold and I wondered where it came from.
I looked up. ‘Yeah?’
‘Are those bananas?’ Liam asked. I got up and walked towards him, following his gaze.
I smiled widely. ‘Yes! Oh this is so useful. And there’s another one!’ I said enthusiastically. Liam chuckled. ‘At least it isn’t a very high tree. I could lift you up.’ He said.
‘Actually, it isn’t a tree. It is in fact a herb. The biggest herb in the world.’ I said, taking place in front of him. Liam chuckled again. ‘How do you know these things?’
I shrugged. ‘I just know. So, how are we going to do this?’
‘Well, I thought-’ Liam bent down and wrapped his arms around my thighs. Then, he stood up straight and turned around, so I faced the tree – I mean, herb. ‘Like this.’ He finished his sentence. ‘Hey, Niall! Catch the fruit, will ya?’ I yelled, extending my hand and tugging one off. I dropped it down. It was a whole bunch of bananas, tightly pressed together. Sweat was already forming on my forehead when I tugged another one off. And another one.
‘Jesus.’ I mumbled, using all my strenght to stay balanced in Liam’s arms and at the same time pulling off the bananas.
Minutes later, Niall said we had enough. ‘Liam, wait. I’m going to pull off some leaves.’
‘Oh god, why?’ Liam growled beneath me.
Seriously, was I that heavy?
‘They’re useful.’ So I grabbed the base of a leave and pulled it down, surprised when it broke off so easily. I pulled another one down and decided it was enough. After I dropped the leaves on the ground, I told Liam he could let me go.
He loosened his grip and I slowly slid down, feeling his hands on my ass before I stood on the ground. What was so interesting about my ass?
I noticed something hard, pressing against my abdomen and I blushed, suddenly finding the reason for his ‘growl’.
I quickly pulled away from him and grabbed the leaves, walking towards the stream to wash them, meanwhile wondering how long it would take before one of them lost patience and just took me, to unleash their frustrations. I also wondered why I strangely enough didn’t dislike that idea…

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