Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


3. The one and only

I was awakened when someone swore loudly. I blinked and turned my head, to see what was happening. A guy was sitting on a stone, cutting off a piece of his wifebeater and wrapping it around his hand, while he continued to swear. I yawned and slowly sat up, blushing when I saw I only wore my panties, bra and tank top. I stood up, wrapping the huge, light blue shirt - which had been laid on top of me, as a blanket - around my hips, making sure nobody would see my panties. Then, I walked to the guy, with small steps. I groaned a little when I felt the headache coming back, accompanied by its best friend; dizziness.
The guy looked up at me. 'Hey, you're awake.'
No shit, sherlock.
'Yeah.' I replied. I pointed at his hand. 'What's wrong?'
'Oh, it's nothing. Just a cut.'
I chuckled. 'You sounded pretty upset, though.' He raised his eyebrows and mumbled something inaudible. I sat down on the ground, rubbing my temples. I wished that stupid headache would just go away. 'Eh, I'm Liam, by the way.' I looked at him and he extended his hand. I took it, shaking it gently. 'I'm Scarlett.'
'Nice to meet you, despite the circumstances.' Liam said. I nodded, staring at the ground I was sitting on. I saw a little ant, crawling towards me.
'What were you doing anyway?' I asked. Liam stared at me for a second before he understood what I meant. 'Oh! Well, I don't know. Just fooling around with a pocketknife and a piece of wood.'
I nodded and silence fell upon us. 'Have you got any idea where we are?' I asked after a minute of thinking. Liam shook his head. 'Nope. Somewhere in a rainforest. We could be anywhere.'
Suddenly, we heard a voice coming closer. The sound of people walking through the dense forest; snapping twigs and big leaves being pushed away. A guy with curly, brown hair appeared, carrying several suitcases. Behind him, the blond guy who took care of me the night before, stumbled against his back. The curly one had suddenly stopped, staring at me. 'Aye, Harry mate, what are you doing?' The blond one asked, walking past Harry. He saw me and smiled brightly. 'Hey!' He dropped the suitcases, exept for one; a guitar-shaped suitcase, that one was carefully placed on the ground. After that, came towards me. 'Feeling any better?' He asked, squatting down. I nodded and he placed his hand on my forehead. 'At least you aren't glowing so much anymore. That's good.' I smiled at him. He was about to turn around when he seemed to remember something. 'I'm Niall. What's your name?' He said, grabbing my hand. 'Scarlett.' Niall smiled. 'Beautiful name for a beautiful-'
'Niall!' Harry interrupted him. Niall turned his head. 'Yeah?'
Harry pointed at the suitcases. 'They're waiting for you.'
Niall rolled his eyes at me, but stood up and did what Harry said. When all the suitcases were on a pile, they opened every single one of them. Some had to be opened by a small ax, which they had probably found in the plane.
Wait. The plane.
'What happened, actually? I mean, the plane crashed, right?' I said, making Harry look up at me. 'You don't remember anything.' He stated. I slowly shook my head. 'Everyone started to panic. The plane was shaking and... well, that's when everything went black.' I said, staring in his intense, green eyes. He looked down at the suitcase in front of him and didn't say a thing. Then, he just continued rummaging through the clothes, searching for useful stuff. 'And... we're the only survivors?' That took Harry's interest. He looked up from the suitcase and gave me an angry look. 'Do you see anybody else here?' He hissed.
I swallowed hard and stared at the ground. 'No.' I answered.
And the following half an hour, nobody said a thing.

I lay on my back, staring at the treetops. It was almost noon, seeing as the sunbeams finally found their way through the thick roof above us. Our camp was in the middle of a small open place. I could hear a river. It sounded pretty close, but from what I remember about rainforests, it could be far, far away. Thinking about rivers made me notice my thirst.
'Do we have water?' I asked. Nobody answered me. I was about to sit up when a water bottle hit my stomach. 'Ouch.' I said quietly. I looked up, seeing Niall smirk at me. I shook my head and grabbed the bottle, opening it and taking a few sips. I wiped my mouth and threw it back at him. Smiling when it hit his back.
'Be a little careful with those bottles. It might take days before we find a river.' Harry said, throwing clothes out of a big suitcase. After a short silence, Harry stood up and looked at us. 'Alright. Find some clothes that fit. Keep in mind that it's hot here and we might be walking for hours. It has to cover up your legs. For the insects and leeches.'
'Nasty.' I mumbled. Leeches...
'We're in the jungle, Scarlett. Get used to it.' Harry said, looking at me with a hint of disgust in his eyes, like I was some unworthy girl. Like I was going to slow us down and reduce our chances for survival.
And on that moment, I decided I was going to prove him the opposite. I was going to help us survive. As a worthy member of this 'team'.
I stared back at him, wishing I'd have a good retort. Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at the suitcases. 'Well, what are you waiting for?' He said, walking away.

After an hour of searching through the clothes, we had all found something. Luckily, I found a pair of leggings, thick enough to protect me, but suitable for the high temperatures as well. Furthermore, I wore my tank top and my Vans. It hurt to see my favourite shoes go dirty, but I didn't have a choice. When we were all done, we threw all the other clothes in the suitcases again, putting them on a pile. Harry filled the biggest suitcase he could carry with things like scarves, spare clothes, first-aid kits, water bottles, a few bags of crisps and even a bunch of twigs - in case we wouldn't be able to find dry twigs and had to make a fire, so he said.
We decided to stay there for one more night and worked on a shelter, made from branches and big leaves and lianas to keep everything on its place.
At the end of the day, I felt my stomach growl at me, angry with me for not feeding it. Niall had opened one of the bags of crisps, but of course that wasn't enough for the four of us.
I wanted to ask them about the food on the plane, but I was afraid Harry would get angry again, so I remained silent, taking a sip from my water bottle from time to time, in an attempt to appease my hunger a little.
When the light started to fade away, and the dark was about to kick in, we were all laying or sitting on the ground, staring at the flames. Niall stood up and walked to the shelter. 'Oh god.' I heard him say. 'What's wrong?' I asked, standing up as well and walking towards him. He quickly turned around and I could see something green in front of my face, before I closed my eyes at the sudden movement. I slowly opened my eyes again and stared right into the eyes of a snake. I heard Harry chuckle behind me, probably waiting for the moment I started to scream. But I smiled at the snake, before smiling at Niall as well. I wasn't scared of snakes. Definitely not of a harmless, green tree snake. They weren't venomous, and actually kind of cute, with those big, shiny eyes. I carefully placed my hand behind its head and took him from Niall, who was staring at me in surprise. I turned around, gently holding the snake in my hands. Harry raised his eyebrows and stood up, coming closer. 'Not afraid, hm?'
I shook my head. 'It's a green tree snake. Not venomous. I think we're in Australia.'
Harry stared at me. 'Why?' 'Because green tree snakes are mostly found in Australia. And we're probably close to a river, because these snakes hunt their prey there.'
Harry smirked at me. 'Well, well. Aren't you a smart girl.'
I squinted my eyes at him. Suddenly, Harry grabbed the head of the snake and cut it off with a knife.
I stared at him in disbelief and disgust. 'What the fuck is wrong with you?!'
Harry shook his head at me, still smirking. 'I thought you were hungry.' He said, taking the lifeless body of the snake out of my hands and taking it to an almost flat stone, where he gutted the snake. Then, he made a spit out of wood.
Within ten minutes, the snake hung above the fire. I sat down again, deliberately not looking at Harry. I wasn't in the mood for his smug smile.
When the snake was done, we all ate in silence. It tasted pretty good, actually.
After we finished our meal, we talked about our lives. Liam and a friend of his owned a tattoo-shop and had decided to fly to Australia, to meet a famous tattoo artist. 'I don't know where Louis is now. He wasn't in the front of the plane. The back of it must be here somewhere.' Liam spoke sadly. 'I hope he's alright, mate.' Niall said, patting Liam's shoulder. 'What about you, Niall?' I asked. He looked at me and smiled. 'Me and Harry are singers. I play the guitar, too. We write all our songs by ourselves.'
'That's amazing. You guys should play something.' I said, smiling at him. Niall nodded enthusiastically. 'Sure!'
I looked at Harry, but he didn't answer. He just stared at me, smirking when he noticed my discomfort. 'Well, Scarlett. Tell us. What brought you in a plane to Australia?'
'I'm a nature photographer. National Geographic asked me to do some work here. I was planning on traveling to Tasmania later.' I told them.
'Wait. Scarlett. Scarlett Jones?'
I nodded. 'Yup. The one and only.' I joked. Harry smirked. 'You did some modeling work too, didn't you?'
I felt my cheeks grow hot. 'That was a year ago... I just got asked for one shoot.'
Harry chuckled. 'One hell of a shoot, that is.'
'Anyway, so you guys sing.' I said, quickly changing the subject. 'I'll go get my guitar.' Niall said, leaving the fire.
Harry stood up as well and sat down next to me.
'I'd love to see that pretty ass of you again.' He whispered in my ear.
A shiver ran down my spine.
I didn't say anything. Just sat there, hoping he would go away and sit down on his old spot again. But I couldn't deny the fact that his words made me slightly aroused...

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