Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


24. Talk

When all the guys had left, Harry turned around to face me.
He did not look happy.
We stared at each other for a minute.
'I want to-' 'Let's sit-' We started at the same time.
'What?' He asked.
'I want to talk to you.' I softly continued.
'I was about to say the same thing.'
We sat down in the big shelter, but the both of us remained silent.
I slowly turned my head a little, looking at Harry and seeing he was doing the same.
'I want to apologize.'
He looked at me with a shocked expression. Then, his eyes looked away from me.
'And where are you apologizing for?' He said it like he already knew where I was going to apologize for but wanted to hear me say it.
'Well, I don't know. I'm apologizing for whatever I have done to make you upset with me. To make you distant. Harry, I felt so close with you. We even kissed! And yesterday you said I was just one of your best friends. Am I not more than a friend to you?'
When he turned to look at me, I read sadness in his eyes.
'No, the question is, am I not more than a friend to you. Indeed, we kissed, and I enjoyed it. I felt close to you too and I have to admit; I started having feelings for you. And I still have. Do you have them, too?'
I hesitated.
Did I?
My heart started beating faster whenever my eyes met his. I did feel very comfortable around him and he gave me that very familiar tingle in my body whenever he touched me. Even if he just grabbed my hand or brushed hair out of my face.
I nodded. 'Yes. I have feelings for you.'
'Yes.' I smiled.
His face came closer. He wasn't smiling.
'Then why, why goddammit, did you screw Liam?' His eyes looked furiously into mine.
I gulped.
He found out.
I hate my life.
'T-that was a mistake, I hadn't-'
'I don't give a damn what it was. I thought we had something special. Why him? Why not me? Hell, I wanted you since the moment we've met! Jesus Christ, Scarlett, you knew that!' He almost yelled.
I winced at his loud voice and closed my eyes in pain when I accidentally moved my shoulder.
'But it's not just that. Having sex with somebody is so intimate, you're giving yourself to someone and the other does the same. Why did you have to do that with him? If you have feelings for me, then... why?!' He continued.
I opened my eyes and stared into his, sitting up a little straighter and moving my face closer.
'Listen, Harry. We aren't in a relationship. You can't tell me what to do and what not. You had violated my trust by forcing me, that one day. That was your mistake. And I made a mistake as well. Just so you know; that was before I realized what I really felt for you. So stop being such a jealous asshole and forget about it. It has happened, nothing to do about it.' I snapped, getting up and walking away.
I sighed deeply. He didn't have to treat me like I was his property. Having feelings for each other doesn't mean you're married.
I sadly stared at my feet. Maybe it was stupid, but I felt so lonely right now. Why can nothing just work out for me? Why can't there be a happy ending for me?
Do I always have bad luck?
Before I knew it, my emotions controlled my thoughts and my thoughts triggered the dark side of me.
I tried to think positive. I tried to push the darkness away. I had been in a depression once and I didn't want to face that again.
I walked further away from the camp and did something from which I knew it could help: cover my mouth with my hand and scream.
I stopped when the tears were running down my face and my throat was sore.
'What the fuck are you doing?!'
I turned around.
Harry was looking at me in confusion, anger and even a little worry. Isn't he sweet.
Note the sarcasm.
'Is that important to you?' I said, wiping my tears from my cheeks.
He closed his eyes for a second, turning his face away from me.
When he looked back at me, his expression had changed from angry, to sad.
'I'm sorry. For shouting at you. I just... what I feel for you, it's something I haven't quite felt before. And no, don't interrupt me now, I know it sounds like I'm overreacting, but it's true. Of course, I've had girlfriends before. And I have been in love. But the feelings you give me... oh, fuck it. We barely know each other. I'm overreacting. You're right.'
He turned around and wanted to walk away, but I ran after him, ignoring the pain, and grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to look at me.
'What I have done with Liam, is something I really regret. And even though I feel like I don't owe you an apology, I want to give you one anyway. Because I care about you and I know how you must feel. Because I want us to be... close again. Please don't turn your back on me again. I'm sorry. I'm really-'
His lips cut off my sentence and my eyes widened, before I closed them. My good hand found it's way from his chest to his neck and I smiled into the kiss.
He suddenly stumbled backwards, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.
'I'm sorry. Shouldn't have done that.'
Then, he turned around, leaving me totally confused.
'It's no problem, really.' I mumbled. I followed him back to the camp and saw him packing the backpack that had been left behind.
'You're so angry that you'll leave me behind.' I softly spoke, staring at my nails.
'For Christ's sake, Scarlett. You actually thought I was going to leave you behind? Of course not. You're coming with me. We're going home.' Harry said, throwing some other things in the backpack and hesitating before holding out his hand for me.
I stared at it like I had never seen a hand before and looked up to his face.
'I'm not going to stay mad forever. I like you too much for that.' He said, not meeting my eyes.
I walked up to him and carefully placed my hand in his.
He softly squeezed it and I sighed in content.
It felt good to hold his hand.

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