Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


2. Pulse

The front of the plane was burning and the smoke was black and thick, making me cough. Tears were burning in my eyes and my body was aching everywhere.
To be honest; I just wanted to sit down and wallow in self-pity. But maybe there were survivors. So I walked through the front of the plane, with Niall and some other guy. The back of the plane was nowhere to be seen. It couldn't be far, though. I squatted down next to an older woman and laid two fingers on the side of her throat, wishing I would feel a pulse.
I wanted to scream, to let out my frustration. But I didn't. It wouldn't make a difference anyway. I looked around me. Suddenly, something caught my attention. Next to the older woman, under a chair and a suitcase, lay a hand. My heartbeat quickened.
I grabbed the suitcase and threw it behind me. Slowly, I pulled up the chair.
A head full of messy, brown hair appeared. I lifted the chair off the girl's body and dropped it behind me. Her back was facing me. I carefully turned her around and pressed my fingers against her throat. The feeling of joy washed over me. A faint pulse.
I had finally found a survivor.
'Niall!' I yelled.
He was running towards me, while I picked her up in my arms. 'It's one hell of a mess here. You have to keep me from falling.' I told him, turning around.
'You found one!' Niall said.
I didn't reply and he grabbed my arm when I stepped over the lifeless body of the older woman, and over various suitcases, scattered all over the floor.
'Please bring her outside, I'm going to continue. Maybe there are some more.' I told Niall, who took the limp body out of my arms, nodding his head.

I didn't know how much time had passed, when I reached the very front of the plane. The fire had slowly gone out, leaving blackened steel and ashes behind.I closed my eyes when I passed a figure on the ground. I still could hardly believe it; all these people had been breathing and living just a few hours ago.
I couldn't find anyone alive there, so I almost walked out of the plane when I remembered the toilet. Maybe the fire hadn't reached the toilet! I thought, walking back as soon as I could. I gripped the door handle and pushed it down.
In all my excitement, I threw myself against the door, breaking the lock and opening the door. My heart stopped beating for a second. I felt a drop of sweat, rolling down my forehead. And I knew I was never going to forget that image.
I walked in and closed her eyes with my hand.
Suffocated in the smoke.
Letting out a deep sigh, I left the plane, asking Niall and the guy if we could please leave that place and make a camp for the night somewhere else.
Luckily they agreed. The guy, whose name turned out to be Liam, carried the girl in his arms. I thought about the plane and all it's suitcases and decided to go back later, to search through the luggage. It could contain some useful stuff.

I slowly woke up. My head was throbbing and I opened my eyes, blinking to adjust them to the light. I turned my head and tried to see something. My headache got worse and I was very dizzy, my surroundings constantly moving and spinning around me.
I felt like I was going crazy. Like my head was going to explode. I tried to speak.
But the only sound I managed to get out of my mouth was a soft moan. I felt so fucking helpless.
I closed my eyes. Wondering what happened after everyone started to panic in the plane. I also wondered where I was. Suddenly, I felt something cold on my forehead. I opened my eyes again and tried to focus at the person sitting next to me.
'How are you feeling?' Someone with a thick, Irish accent asked.
I tried to speak. 'I... My...' I whispered. My throat hurt and I coughed.
'Wait, let me get some water for ya.' The guy stood up and left me alone. I felt so damn tired... My eyes closed again and the darkness behind my eyelids gave me some rest.
'Hey, don't drift off again. You need to drink.' The guy said, softly slapping my cheek.
I groaned and opened my eyes to look at him. The blurry guy supported my head and put a bottle against my lips. I noticed my thirst when I felt the moist on my lips. I quickly drank from the bottle and moved forward when the guy pulled it back.
'Easy, sweetie. Don't drink too fast. Slowly.' And he put it back to my lips. I took his advice and took a few more sips. The guy put the bottle down and I felt the cold piece of cloth being removed from my forehead. I turned my head. This time, my sight wasn't blurry anymore.
A guy with - from what I could see - dirty blond hair, was pouring water over the cloth. He looked up and smiled at me when he saw me staring. His eyes were probably blue, but in the light of the fire, they had a beautiful purple-ish color.
He put the cloth back on my forehead and gently touched my cheek. 'You should rest.' He whispered. I nodded and closed my eyes, immediately drifting off in a dreamless sleep.

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