Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


29. Maybe

It was already getting a little darker and we were still walking.
Scarlett kept saying that it wouldn't be far, that we would reach the town in no-time.
But there we were, at the end of the day and still no town in sight.
I could see Scarlett was almost too tired to walk, from the way she swayed on her legs sometimes, softly slapping her cheeks as if to wake herself up.
I had carried her for a couple of hours, until Scarlett demanded for me to let her walk on her own again.
Niall kept complaining about how hungry he was and Zayn about his lack of sleep.
Liam mostly replied with 'shut up' and ten Scarlett told them to calm down and to carry on walking.
Louis was the only one who didn't complain and didn't react to anything around him.
He walked at the front of the group, silent and keeping a fast pace, despite the exhaustion I'm sure he was feeling.
I was getting extremely annoyed and felt like I hadn't eaten for weeks. I was feeling a little shaky, probably from the hunger combined with the need for some rest.
I knew we probably wouldn't reach the town before night, so I sighed, stopped walking and asked everyone to stop as well.
They turned around, looking at me.
'We're all tired. Let's continue tomorrow. The town isn't going to walk away.'
Zayn nodded immediately, walking towards me and dropping the backpack he was carrying on the ground. 'I don't even want to make a shelter. Let's just lay down and sleep.'
'But what about the crocodiles? It's not safe. I think we should continue now. It won't be far!' Scarlett exclaimed, looking a little desperate.
'Sweetheart, look at yourself. You can barely stand. And we'll make a fire. The crocodiles will stay away.'
She shook her head. 'But... but still, what if they don't?'
I sighed. 'I will stay awake for a few more hours and one of us will take it over from me, stay awake for a few hours, etcetera.'
She eventually gave in, sitting down beside Zayn, hugging her legs to her chest and placing her forehead on her knees.
I bit my lip at the sight of her small figure, sitting on the ground like that, and wished we would be home soon. I wanted to take her on a date, show her how much I liked her and just enjoy her presence - in normal conditions.
I suddenly wondered if I would be the right guy for her. Would I be able to stay with her for a long time? I didn't want to leave her the same way her former boyfriend left her. I wanted to give her everything she deserved. Especially the love. Would I be able to do that?
More important, how did you do that? I had never liked somebody like that before. She was a total different story.
And besides, maybe I wasn't the best boyfriend one could get. She wasn't the only one with a tragic past and I knew exactly how it felt to be in a depression...
I took a deep breath and looked at Scarlett. It didn't matter what had gone through my head, seeing her made me realize I wouldn't be able to stay away from her, anyway.
Maybe I already loved her...

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