Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


27. Idiots everywhere

'I'm hungry.' I mumbled.
'We're almost there, let's just keep on walking.' Liam said.
I chuckled with sarcasm. 'Almost there? The sun is just on it's highest. Almost there my ass.'
'I'm kind of hungry too. Let's just take a short break.' Louis added.
'Oh, come on. I just want to go home. Why can't we just walk a little further?' Liam was clearly getting annoyed.
'We all want to go home, Liam. But we all haven't eaten much the past few days and you'll easily pass out in this warmth. Let's just sit down and eat something.' I sighed.
'You know what? Forget it. I'm continuing.'
We were all staring at him in surprise, when he turned around and did exactly as he said; continuing. Without us.
'Just let him go. He'll come back eventually. It's not very fun, walking on your own.' Harry said, sitting down and grabbing a water bottle out of the backpack. He held it out to me, but I shook my head.
'No, we can't let him walk on his own like that. It isn't fair.'
'Scarlett, you heard the guy. He made this choice by himself.' Zayn said, sitting down as well.
'He isn't thinking straight.' I replied, quickly following him.
Maybe I could change his mind.
I saw him disappearing around a slight corner, the bushes taking away the sight of him. I started running, my heavy breathing telling me I still wasn't completely better yet. When I turned around the corner, I stopped, placing my hands on my knees. I looked up and my eyes widened at the sight in front of me.
'Run! Run Liam!' I yelled. He didn't move a muscle.
'Dammit, you moron!' I ran towards him, keeping my eyes on the huge crocodile, to make sure it wouldn't surprise me with an attack.
I heard some yelling behind me while I grabbed Liam's arm, yanking him with me.
'T-that's a-'
'Shut up and run, you fool!'
We ran as fast as we could, stopping when we noticed the crocodile wasn't moving.
'Scarlett! You... you...' Harry let out a frustrated groan, coming closer. But when he stood in front of me, he pulled me in for a hug. 'That was dangerous. You shouldn't have done that.'
I huffed. 'Well, excuse me. I just didn't want to see a friend of mine getting ripped to pieces by a fucking crocodile.'
I couldn't help but hug him back, though.
Then, I pulled away, shaking my head at Liam. 'You really are an idiot.'
'Sorry...' He mumbled sheepishly.
My eyes followed Louis, who walked towards the crocodile, about fifty feet away from us.
'No! What are you doing?!' I yelled.
Idiots. Idiots everywhere.
Harry grabbed my arm, holding me close to his body.
Suddenly, Louis started to laugh. Not just short, not normal. No, hysterical.
He kept laughing and pointing at me and Liam from time to time, laughing even more, slapping his knee.
I pulled myself from Harry's grip, too curious to wait any longer. I came closer, staring intently at the animal. I heard footsteps behind me and a hand was being placed on my shoulder.
And then I saw it.
The crocodile was dead.
'Right.' I said, placing my hands on my hips.
Louis finally calmed down, holding his stomach.
'It looked very alive.' I mumbled, which made Louis laugh again.
Harry chuckled behind me and I shivered at the deep sound.
'You alright?'
I turned my head and met his green eyes. 'Yeah.. Yeah, I'm fine.'
He nodded slowly, before giving me a crooked smile. 'I'm sure you are.' He winked and I felt my knees go weak...

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