Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


12. Craving

The days after Harry's silent confession, were finally a little more normal. Except for the first three days, when one of them had to carry me, because of my foot. Anyway, we walked quite a distance every day and went for a swim when the shelter was done. When we were all fresh and cooled down, we searched for food together and made a meal.
I worriedly watched the lighter being used for making a fire. Because if the lighter was empty, we would have a problem.
And where I was afraid of, happened.

I was sitting on the ground, staring at the river beneath me. I counted the days. Mentally carved a little dash in a stick when a day had passed. And that were thirteen mental dashes.
Almost two weeks. My hopes of getting rescued started to float away.
About ten yards from where I sat, the water fell down from the rocks. I think the waterfall was two hundred feet in height. Which isn't very large, but still large enough to force us into a different direction. We would never, ever be able to climb down. But maybe we were lucky. I had spotted a rather large rock formation, which might lead us into a cave.
Small chance, but we could try find one.
The waterfall was so loud, I didn't hear my name being called. I shrieked when somebody suddenly placed a hand on my shoulder and turned around.
I felt a small shiver going down my spine when I stared into his green eyes.
'We've got a problem.' Harry said, pointing at the fireless fireplace.
I had a feeling what the problem could be and followed him.
'The lighter is dead.'
Shit. Now what?
'Does anybody have... I don't know, something to make fire with?'
My question got answered with shrugs, head-shaking and soft 'no's. Great.
'Anybody know how to make fire with sticks and stuff?' I asked.
Same answers.
'Perfect.' I mumbled. 'Alrighty, lets just try it.' I walked away from the shelter, into the forest. Liam followed me without saying a word. When I saw a nice tree with a strong-looking bark, I stopped and searched for a crack, where I could easily pull off a piece of bark.
'If you could search for some useful sticks, that-' I stopped speaking when I felt hands on my hips. And a warm breath near my ear.
'Please give yourself to me... I need it so badly.' Liam groaned.
His hands pulled up the skirt I had made from the shawl and found their way underneath it, softly stroking my thighs. I felt a tension in my abdomen and a blush forming on my cheeks.
It had to be one of those days I got easily aroused, 'cause normally, I wouldn't feel that way so quickly.
But I turned around and softly pushed Liam away from me, letting my hands rest on his chest.
'I'm sorry Liam... It's just too complicated.'
And that was the truth. That whole situation with Harry and the feelings I couldn't deny I had for him and Niall and... It would simply be too weird and too complicated.
'But I know you want it, Scarlett.' Liam said harshly, grabbing my hips again and pulling my body against his. I felt his erection pressing against my abdomen and shuddered.
I didn't know what to say.
Eventually, I said: 'Not now.' And I pulled away from him, staring at the ground to search for some sticks. Not that I could concentrate on that, though.
Too many thoughts were running through my head.
I should have said 'no'. Just 'no'. It's such a simple word.
I grabbed a few sticks, not exactly knowing what size and length I would need and pulled off a piece of bark.
Quickly walking away from him, avoiding his eyes.
Because I knew that I would give in, the second my eyes would meet his. I knew I couldn't resist the dark look in his brown eyes.
I felt relieved the second I walked out of the forest, towards the fireplace, where the others were waiting.
While we were all working hard to get a fire started, I tried not to think about Liam.
I knew that my words had left a promise. And I also knew Liam would be determined to make me fulfill that promise.
After half an hour of rubbing that stupid stick into the bark, we finally saw the wood starting to glow. I quickly threw some dry stuff on it and after a few seconds of blowing softly, a small flame was born. We fed it with sticks and it didn't take a long time before we had a nice fire.
A cool breeze touched the air around us and we sat down around the fire, while Harry prepared the large crayfish - which was a species of lobster, only found in rivers, for the ones who didn't know - we found in one of the traps that morning.
We just sat in silence, staring into the flames, each in our own thoughts.
When it was ready, we quickly ate our meal, enjoying every bite. Glad we finally ate something other than fish.
After everyone was finished, Niall grabbed his guitar and we were soon singing along with well-known songs, sometimes having a good laugh when someone made a mistake or sang out of tune.
Eventually, my stomach hurt from laughing, and I didn't even know why we were laughing so hard. Maybe it started when Niall had a fit of giggles. Unable to stop.
The last time I had so much fun felt like months ago.
My eyes met Harry's and he smiled. I returned a bright smile, too happy to worry about the 'incident'.
One hour later, I started to yawn and decided it was bedtime for me. 'Well, I had a lovely evening, but I'm tired. See ya.' I said, getting up and leaving the warmth of the fire.
Once in the shelter, I used my shawl as a blanket and stared at the ceiling.
I turned around and just when I started to slip away, I felt a hand on my arm. 'Scarlett.'
A deep, husky voice.
'What?' I said.
'I want to talk to you.' Harry whispered.
I turned around, facing him. 'Go ahead.'
'It's a little late, but I want to say I'm sorry.'
There was a short silence. 'I want to know something.'
'Yes?' Harry said.
'Why did you force me? Why didn't you just... I don't know, ask or something.'
'Because... I was afraid you'd say 'no'.' Harry replied.
I huffed. 'Oh, so then you decided to force me to have pleasure.' I spoke dryly.
'Since when is pleasure a bad thing?' Harry said annoyed.
'It isn't. Ofcourse, on that moment I enjoyed it. But that was just my body reacting. When it was over I felt weird. And scared. I had a nightmare in which I got raped.'
Harry's head shot up, guilt written in his eyes.
'If you had just come to me when I was swimming and if you had... introduced me to your plans, then maybe I wouldn't have said 'no'. It would've been better.' I ended softly.
'I'm really sorry. I had no idea you would feel that way. I just... wanted you so badly, I thought if I warmed you up like that, you'd want me too, even though you wouldn't know it was me.' Harry explained.
After a short silence, Harry continued. 'Can you forgive me?'
I nodded. 'Yes. Let's just forget about it.' I said, smiling. Harry smirked and bent over, his face close to mine. 'Before you forget about it, I've got a small question. Was I good?'
I rolled my eyes and turned away from him. 'Shut up, Styles.'
He chuckled and I heard him leaving the shelter.
I closed my eyes and almost immediately drifted off in a sleep full of passionate dreams which left my body craving for these dreams to come true.

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