Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


26. 'Beautiful's

It was late when we finally reached the beach.
The others were sitting around a fire, and the looks on their faces said it all.
I sat down next to Niall, smiling at him. Harry cleared his throat. 'So... they didn't see the smoke, did they?'
They shook their heads.
'Fucking idiots. How much smoke do they need to notice it?!' Liam said furiously.
Zayn nodded. 'Next time we'll just burn the whole fucking forest. Maybe then they'll notice.'
I looked at the guides, who were surprisingly enough still with us.
'Can you tell us where we are right now?'
The 'tiny-bit-English-guy' nodded. 'Not far from here... is tourist place. Many, many people visit ocean.'
My eyes grew wide. 'You mean, the ocean, to dive?'
The man shook his head, confused.
'Dive. Swimming? You know what that is?' I asked.
He nodded, making movements with is arms. 'Swim, yes. Many people swim, under the water. People say, beautiful, all colors. And fish, fish with colors.'
I nodded, giving him a smile, before looking at everyone in the group. 'I think I know where we are.'
Everyone waited, looking at me.
'I think he is talking about the Great Barrier Reef. So we're in Queensland. But the Reef is... huge. So hopefully we're close to a town. Cooktown? You know that?' I asked.
The man nodded, smiling. 'Yes, yes. Cooktown. I heard. Not far from here.'
'Yes! Oh, thank god.' I grinned.
The others smiled as well.
'So that means we'll be home soon, right?' Niall asked. I shrugged. 'Hopefully.'
The thought of home made me feel better. A lot better.

That evening, we quickly built a shelter, and because we were all too tired to really care, it eventually became a really ugly little thing. At least we had some sort of roof above our heads.
My fever had disappeared and even the pain in my shoulder had eased, which I was really happy about, since I desperately needed my sleep.
I was glad that Harry and I were good again; I really felt at peace. We talked for a bit, whispering as silently as possible, until I yawned constantly and my eyelids began to feel heavy.
'We should sleep. You're tired.' Harry whispered.
I nodded, covering my mouth with my hand when I yawned once again. 'Yeah.' I breathed.
I closed my eyes and smiled when I heard him whisper: 'Sweet dreams.'
'You too, Harry. You too.'
And I immediately drifted off in a peaceful sleep.

When we woke up the next morning, everyone was hyperactive and ready to go.
Nobody was hungry, we were all too excited to eat.
The guides told us if we would leave as soon as possible and walked in a quick pace, we would make Cooktown by the beginning of the evening.
'Thank you so much for helping us. Please thank Balun, Ekala and Alkira.' Scarlett said, shaking their hands.
The guides would go back to our village; we would walk to the town on our own. It was pretty simple anyway; just following the beach.
The men nodded at Scarlett, smiling. Then, they shook all of our hands, and left, waving one last time before disappearing into the forest.
I saw Scarlett was deep in thought and I placed my hand on her good shoulder, smiling down at her. 'What are you thinking about?'
She shrugged. 'First, I thought about Rose, and I was wondering how she is doing. And then... I started thinking about my own child.' She said, whispering the last part.
I assumed she didn't want the others to know, seeing the way she nervously looked at them.
'Her name is Katie... right?' I asked. She nodded, smiling a little. 'Yeah.'
'Cute name.'
'Her full name is Kathlyn.' She said.
'Beautiful. Just as beautiful as the one who carries the name, I'm sure.' I said, running my fingers through her hair.
She gave me a sad smile. 'Indeed she was. And still is, I think.'
I nodded. 'With a beautiful mother like you, there's no doubt she is a beautiful little girl.'
Scarlett laughed. 'That's a lot of 'beautiful's in one conversation.'
'Oh, shut up.' I chuckled.

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