Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


8. Attack

As planned, we were all woken up by Harry, early in the morning. I had already filled the backpacks the day before, so the only thing we had to do was prepare some breakfast and wait for the ones who had to do their business. When everyone was ready, we left.
The sky was a lovely blue and it was already pretty warm. Liam and Harry were leading the group, I walked next to Niall and Louis and Zayn walked behind us.
Harry made sure we all kept a high tempo and an hour later, I felt my muscles getting sore and my body being covered in sweat.
‘Aye, can we rest for a minute?’ Louis yelled behind me. Harry turned his head and when he saw our condition, he immediately stopped. ‘Oh, yeah. Sure.’ He said, putting down his backpack. ‘Thank god.’I mumbled, sitting down on a rock and looking at the river, debating if I would jump in or not.
Eventually, I decided not to. Walking around in wet clothes wasn’t a very smart idea, due to the risk of a bladder infection. Although, I had done it before and I didn’t get an infection…
I got up from the rock and just walked into the river. Fuck that infection risk.
When I stood in the deepest part, I took a deep breath and dived down, enjoying the feeling of cold water on my skin.
After swimming around for a minute, I got out. ‘Highly recommendable.’ I said, looking at the guys.
‘Why did you keep your clothes on?’ Liam whined. I rolled my eyes at him. ‘Because I don’t want to get raped.’ I said, squeezing the water out of my hair.
‘You sure? Because I’ve heard a lot about women and their rape-fantasies.’ Liam said, smirking at me.
‘You’ve got fantasy and you’ve got reality. Two very different things.’ I replied. ‘Anyway, who’s hungry?’ I asked, changing the subject.
‘Me!’ Niall yelled, running towards me. ‘There’s the backpack. Help yourself.’ I said, pointing at it.
I was getting a little tired of those guys sometimes.

We rested for a small half an hour before we continued our walk. Because this was our first day walking such a distance, Niall suggested it’d be better if we would take it easy, so after two hours of walking, we found a nice spot and set up a camp.
‘Well, Niall. I owe you one. I’m exhausted. If we had walked another hour, I would’ve been dead.’ I said, lying on my ‘bed’.
Niall was lying next to me, propped up on his elbow.
‘Can I decide what you owe me?’ Niall asked. His eyes seemed to get a little darker. And I knew exactly which way he was going.
‘Eh, well… that depends.’ I said carefully.
‘Depends on what?’ Niall said, leaning a little closer. ‘Well…’ I hesitated. ‘As long as it isn’t going to… cross my boundaries.’
‘Oh, don’t worry about that.’ He whispered, his face getting a little closer to mine again.
‘I am sure you’ll drop your boundaries for me, darling.’ He continued. I felt his warm breath on my face and I shivered.
‘But not now.’
And then, he left the shelter. Leaving me alone with my thoughts racing through my mind.

Late that afternoon, after I had rested for a couple of hours, I felt so hot and sweaty, I decided to take a bath in the river again. I grabbed a beach shawl and made sure to leave our little camp unnoticed, so they wouldn’t follow me and see me naked – which I would totally expect them to do. I walked along the river, until I found a spot where I could bathe myself without being seen.
I took my clothes off and took them with me into the water, along with my shoes, just moving them through the water a little, before I threw them on a rock and dived under water, letting the cold river wash away the sweat and dirt on my body and the thoughts on my mind.
The water calmed me down and made me feel peaceful and I smiled a little while combing my hair with my fingers, until the knots were out and my hair was as soft as possible, without soap or conditioner. When my whole body was clean and fresh, I stepped out of the river and immediately wrapped the beach shawl around my body, before sitting down on a rock and enjoying the last rays of sunshine as they faded away. In the jungle, the sun was coming late and going early, because of the density of plants and trees.
Even though she was still there, somewhere behind all those trees, her light couldn’t reach me anymore. So when the shadows arrived, I decided it was time for me to go back to the camp.
I grabbed my still damp clothes and didn’t bother to put on my shoes, wincing from time to time, when my feet touched sharp, little rocks.
I walked carefully and was about to take the turn to the left, along with the river, when I felt a strong arm snaking around my waist. I gasped, before a large hand was being pressed against my mouth, muffling my sounds.
I was being pulled deeper into the jungle, away from the river and I dropped my clothes and shoes in the process, while I tried to free myself from the man’s grip.
But he was way stronger than I was, so I didn’t have a chance. I stopped fighting and breathed heavily through my nose, feeling a few tears escape.
Who was this man? What was he going to do? These questions kept playing through my head.
Suddenly, in a quick movement, he pushed me down on the ground, and his hand left my mouth to tie my hands together. I took a few seconds before I realized I could scream for help, but when I opened my mouth, nothing more than a soft cry came out.
I wanted to turn around, to see my attacker, but I was too late, because he wrapped a blindfold around my head and I saw nothing but darkness.
My mouth was still uncovered, so I gave it another try and opened my mouth to scream. But the man apparently watched my closely, because before I could make a sound, he pressed his hand against my mouth again. The blindfold absorbed my tears and I tried to move away from the man. I wanted to yell at him, I wanted to tell the dick he had to leave me the hell alone. But I couldn’t. I tried to bite in his hand, but that didn’t work either.
I gave up the fight and just sat there, breathing heavily and waiting for him to do something.
Suddenly, I felt his breath close to my ear.
‘Are you done fighting?’ A deep male voice whispered. I didn’t react. The bastard.
‘I’ll take that as a yes.’ He whispered, moving his hand away from my mouth.
I took a few deep breaths, and I felt his hand moving some hair behind my ear before he whispered: ‘I’m not going to hurt you.’
I remained quiet. There was a long silence and then, I felt lips on my cheek, leaving soft kisses down to my jawline. His lips caressed my skin while his hands did the same to my arms, softly stroking them. I shivered a little when he reached my neck.
He continued kissing, sometimes softly sucking on my skin. I let out an unexpected moan when he found my sweet spot, attacking it in response. I left out another moan and I cursed myself for encouraging him to go on.
I wasn’t supposed to like this. I was minutes away of being raped, for god sakes.
But minutes later, he still hadn’t forced himself onto me. He was still touching me softly and leaving kisses all over my neck.
He pulled the beach shawl off my body and I felt the urge to cover myself. But I couldn’t, because my hands were tied.
‘P-please… don’t.’ I whispered. But the man pressed his finger against my lips, shushing me while his finger slowly trailed down until he reached my collarbones.
I gasped when his hands softly touched my breasts, moving his thumbs on my nipples.
Another moan escaped from my mouth and I heard him chuckle.
In a strange way, his chuckle sounded kind of familiar. But I forgot all about that when I felt his hands moving down my sides, until they rested on my hips.
His hands left my skin and I felt a little cold. But then, I felt them on my feet, slowly moving up my legs. When he reached my thighs, he stopped. I heard him move, before I felt his hands on my shoulders. He was sitting behind me.
His hands massaged my neck and shoulders, moving to the front and softly kneading my breasts as well.
Then, I was lifted onto his lap. I felt the bulge in his pants, pressing against my ass and my breathing accelerated. My cheeks grew hot and I felt a tingling sensation in my abdomen.
His lips attacked my neck again and his hands roamed over my body, making the feelings I had even stronger. One hand caressed my breast and the other touched the inside of my thigh.
His ever so soft touch on that part of my body made me hungry for more.
And I got it. I spread my legs a little more while his hand moved closer to my center of pleasure. My heart was beating fast and my breathing hitched in my throat when he touched my folds. I let out a loud moan, pressing myself down on him.
‘You’re so fucking wet.’ He growled in my ear. He moved his fingers and my body jolted in pleasure.
‘Shit.’ I muttered.
His hand covered my mouth again, making me surprisingly enough more aroused.
When his fingers moved a little higher, I suddenly understood why his hand covered my mouth. He moved a finger on the most sensitive part of my body and I shuddered and cried out. He continued stimulating me, sometimes making small circles and slowing down a little when he noticed I was tensing up. But then, his movements got faster and he pressed two fingers inside me with his other hand. The tension built up inside me and my whole body started to tingle, pleasure shooting through me like flashes of lightning and my mouth making the shape of an ‘o’.
I felt the warmth moving through my legs, to my center and I did my best not to scream when I reached my orgasm.
He moved away from me and untied my hands. His breath was close to my ear again.
‘This isn’t the end of it, Scarlett.’ A smirk evident in his voice.
When I pulled the blindfold off, he was gone.
I sat there for another minute, still surprised about what just had happened.
‘Jesus.’ I muttered, before slowly getting up and grabbing the beach shawl, wrapping it around my body. I walked back, following the sound of the river, and I found my clothes, putting on my panties and bra and taking the rest of it with me as I slowly walked back to the camp.
When I reached the camp, I saw that the fire was already burning and Zayn and Louis were sitting in front of it, eating something.
I noticed my hunger and threw my clothes next to the shelter before sitting down next to Zayn.
‘Hey, where have you been?’ He asked. I looked at him and blinked a couple of times.
‘Oh, yeah. I eh, I just went for a swim.’ I stuttered.
‘Are you okay? Your face looks a little flushed.’ Zayn asked, a smirk slowly appearing on his face. I shrugged. ‘Yeah, I’m fine. It must be the fire.’ I lied.
‘Hmhm. Sure.’
I looked at him, studied his face. But I mentally shook my head. It hadn’t been Zayn. I was sure about that.
I kept wondering who it had been and stared at everyone for a little while, trying to figure it out. But nobody seemed to behave differently.
If it wasn’t one of them… then who was walking around in this jungle, planning his next attack?

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