Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


18. As you wish

Scarlett handed me a small note. I read it and instantly got nervous.
I wondered how long the baby had been there and if the rebellions that mother wrote about were coming back. Was this their territory?
'Alrighty, what are we going to do?' I asked.
'Well, we're going to take the child with us, of course. And we're going away from here.' Scarlett said. We agreed but there was a small problem: 'I need both of my hands to get out of the cave, Scarlett.' I said, pointing at the baby.
She thought for a moment. 'Two of us have to stay here, two have to go back and make a baby sling.'
'We can stay here.' I looked at Scarlett.
'Well, eh, I know how to make a baby sling. I think it's better if I go. Why don't you and Louis stay here?' Scarlett quickly answered.
I frowned. Didn't women have this mother-feeling when they see a baby? It seemed like she felt the opposite.
'Yeah, that's fine. I'll stay here with Harry.' Louis spoke, patting her on the shoulder.
Scarlett nodded and smiled at Niall, before looking at me for the last time. She gave me a shy smile and walked away, moving around the corner.
'Did you see what I saw? Aren't women always like; 'Ooh, men can't be trusted with babies, blablabla'? Louis said, throwing his hands in the air dramatically.
I chuckled and shrugged. 'I guess not all women love babies.'
But Louis shook his head. 'Bullshit. There's something else going on here.'
I thought about his words. Maybe he was right. But oh well; not our business.

We waited and waited and finally, we heard voices coming closer. Scarlett laughed at something Niall probably said and I frowned at the light feeling of jealousy.
Don't be ridiculous.
After a few minutes, Scarlett walked towards us, with a improvised baby sling in her hands.
'Louis, if you take the baby from Harry, I'll put the sling around him.'
'No, Scarlett. You have to carry the baby on your back. I'll walk behind you, in case something happens.' I said, looking at her intently.
She remained silent and glared at me.
'I... I need all the strength to climb. You are stronger.' She finally spoke.
'Don't worry Harry, I'll walk behind ya.' Louis said, shrugging.
I sighed and nodded. 'Alright, fine.' I handed the child to Louis and let Scarlett put the sling around me. 'You can put the baby in, Louis.'
'Could you open the sling for me, then?' He asked. Scarlett nodded and they put the baby in the sling, making sure it was safe.
'Let's go.'

We safely made it to the shelter, where Liam and Zayn had prepared breakfast. From the last food we had.
'We need to search for food again.' I said. We were all sitting on the ground. The baby had fallen asleep on my lap, tired from all the screaming and the stress.
I had to admit, she was adorable and I didn't mind at all to take care of her. I had bathed her in the river and Scarlett had smashed some fruit and fish with a stone. Using my finger as a spoon, the baby ate all of it. She must have been without food for at least a day.
'Harry's right. Let's go before the sun is on it's highest.' Scarlett said. Everyone agreed and I handed the baby to Niall, so I could go with Scarlett. But as soon as the baby was in Niall's hands, it started to cry. I took it back and tried to calm her down, by shushing and rocking her in my arms. But nothing helped.
'Fuck.' I looked at Scarlett, with pleading eyes.
She sighed and for the first time since we found the child, she held out her arms.
'Give her to me.' She said softly.
I did what she said and she immediately placed the baby vertical against her chest, while making soft cooing sounds. It didn't take a long time before the baby calmed down and Scarlett laid her in the crook of her arm, where she intently stared at Scarlett's face.
'You have to make high-pitched sounds. Babies like that. And the movement you make when you place the baby vertical against your chest calms them down. I don't know why, but it's a fact.' She said, caressing Rose's cheek with her finger.
I didn't understand. She was so natural with a baby, there was nothing wrong with her knowledge and, from what I could see, her mother-instinct.
She sighed and asked for the baby sling. In a matter of seconds, she had the sling around her and the baby inside.
'Let's go search some food.' She said, already leaving the camp.
I quickly followed her and we silently walked next to each other, searching for fruit-trees.
'Don't.' She interrupted me.
'But I want to know.'
'It's not important.'

Harry sighed and dropped the subject, to my relief.
Then, I spotted a cactus-like plant, wrapped around a high tree. I stopped, looking up, and saw large, pink fruit. 'Dragon fruit.' I said, pointing at it.
Harry looked up as well and he frowned. 'How are we going to reach that?'
I looked at the tree next to it and saw both trees had no low branches. Only on their highest part. But an idea formed in my head.
'I need your shirt.' I said, turning around. Harry raised his eyebrows, but took of his shirt, handing it to me. I did my best not to stare at his tanned, muscled torso and carefully took the baby out of the sling, handing her to Harry, who laid her against his chest. I could see that the baby liked the skin-to-skin contact. I should do that too.
I sighed. What I didn't want to happen, happened; I got too involved with the baby. I knew I couldn't go back now.
'Alright... I hope it's strong enough.' I stood in front of the plant-free tree and put the shirt around the tree, holding both ends in my hands. I had seen this on the television; you walk up the tree, holding on to a rope - or in my case; the shirt.
The tree was close enough to the other, so if I climbed high enough, I could sit on the branches and grab the fruit.
But that was easier said, than done. It took me at least fifteen minutes to climb to the lowest branch and when I finally reached it, I had no idea how to get onto it. I needed both of my hands to hold on to the shirt, but also needed a hand to grab the branch.
My arms and legs started shaking because of exhaustion and my hands were sweaty. I forced myself not to look down and tried to think of a plan.
'Shit.' I muttered, breathing heavily.
Oh well, I have to die at some point in my life. Did it really matter if it was now or in fifty years?
Yes! Everything inside me screamed.
But I shook my head, with the idea it didn't mattered, in an attempt to calm down.
'You can do it Scarlett!' Harry yelled.
And with his reassurance, I quickly grabbed the two ends of the shirt in one hand, before wrapping my arm around the branch and swiftly letting go of the shirt.
I put the shirt in my mouth, so both of my hands were free, and wrapped my other arm around the branch.
Then, I lifted my lower body up and wrapped both of my legs around it.
With my last strength, I managed to pull myself on the branch, until I finally sat on it.
'Told you!' Harry yelled.
I laughed nervously and scooted closer to the other tree, grabbing as much fruit as I could, placing them all in the baby sling I still carried around my body.
When I was done, there was another problem.
'How the fuck do I get down?'
I sat there for a minute, when suddenly a monkey jumped on the branch I was sitting on. I raised my eyebrows and stared at the little animal, which was sitting in front of me, doing the same.
'Help me.' I said. Not like it would understand me.
As I thought, it ran away, to the end of the branch, and climbed on top of another one, from the other tree.
There, the monkey jumped on top of a small, thin tree, which slightly bowed under it's weight.
An idea plopped into my head. 'Thank you little monkey!' I said, scooting forward, to the end of the branch as well.
It took a lot of time, but eventually; I sat on the other branch, above the little, thin tree.
Under my weight, it would definitely bow down far enough for me to jump.
I took off the baby sling and tied the two ends together, creating some sort of bag.
'Harry! Catch the bag, will ya.' I yelled, waiting for him to stand on the right place.
I dropped it and saw Harry catching it with one hand, holding the baby against his chest with the other.
Then, I took a deep breath and wrapped my legs tightly around the branch, before gliding sideways, until I was hanging underneath it.
Then, I slowly let go of the branch with my hands, grabbing the top of the tree instead.
I counted to three and unwrapped my legs, immediately putting all my weight on the small tree, which bowed down. But not enough; the jump would be higher than I hoped it would be.
I saw Harry carefully laying the baby on top of the 'bag' with fruit and moving underneath me.
'Let go of the tree, I'll catch you.' He yelled.
I bit my lip. God, this was pretty high. I slowly let go with one hand, feeling the wood press onto the wound in my hand. I growled and let go of the tree, immediately falling down, but soon caught in Harry's arms. But even he stumbled a little from the weight he suddenly had to carry.
I let myself go limp in his arms, closing my eyes in pure exhaustion. He pressed my body against his and planted a kiss on my forehead, making me smile lightly.
'We'll let the others search for more fruit. Let's go back to the camp, okay?' Harry whispered.
I nodded, opening my eyes, and he put me down on the ground. I tried to ignore the pain in my muscles and walked to the little baby, cooing softly while placing her in my arms.
The sling was used as a bag for the fruit and I wanted both of my hands free, in case I needed them. So I took off the beach shawl and gave it to Harry. 'Can you wrap it around me? Just, one side underneath my arm, and the other over my shoulder.'
'Like this?' He asked.
But the baby was pressed against my bra, which was a under-wire bra. Yeah; you get the point. Not comfortable at all.
So I pulled the knot out of the shawl and handed it, together with the baby, back to Harry.
'Sorry. It's just very uncomfortable.' And with that, I unclasped my bra, pulling it off my shoulders and placing it over Harry's shoulder, before taking the baby and asking Harry to wrap the shawl around me again.
'If that baby wasn't here...' Harry growled seductively in my ear.
'Then this wouldn't have been necessary.' I said, smirking at him.
We walked back to the camp and I tried to ignore the guys' looks when I stood there in my panties. With my bra in my hand.
Harry went back into the jungle with Louis, and Liam and Zayn were busy in the river, probably trying to catch some fish.
I closed my eyes for a second. I felt a pain in my abdomen and I wanted to lie down.
'You okay?' I opened my eyes and saw Niall.
'I eh, I want to lie down for a while. Could you take the baby?'
'Sure.' He said, with an eye on the bra I held in my hand. I dropped it on the ground and held the baby while Niall untied the knot, making the ends of the shawl fall down. I blushed deeply when I heard Niall's breathing getting a little heavier and held the baby against my chest, giving the shawl to Niall. Then, I handed him the baby and held my hand out for the shawl.
I could've known it. He smirked at me and kept the shawl out of my reach.
'Oh, come on, Niall. Give me the shawl.'
He shook his head, giving me another smirk, before taking his time to look at my breasts.
I crossed my arms in front of my chest and just walked away, grabbing Harry's shirt which he had forgotten to put on again and walked into the shelter.
I didn't even bother to get my bra, but just put the shirt on and lay down, taking in Harry's scent and closing my eyes.

When I woke up, I saw everyone sitting around a fire, with a fish roasting above it.
The water ran into my mouth and my stomach growled at me.
I looked at the t-shirt I was wearing and silently prayed I wouldn't get cold, if you know what I mean.
Then, I got up and stretched my stiff, aching muscles. Damn, I could use a massage.
And a hot bath, a hot cup of tea... All the things I missed here. I missed my family and friends and wondered if they knew my plane had crashed.
It's been more than two weeks and I promised to call my mother when I arrived in Australia. Of course, I never did.
I didn't even have my phone. Not that we had service here, though.
And I still wondered where we were. Australia had jungles, but we could be in Asia too.
I sighed. And we should leave soon, because of those rebellions.
What if they found us?
I shrugged off the thoughts and walked towards the fire, sitting down next to Harry.
Harry. I was sure about it now; I did have feelings for him.
He gave me a sexy half smile and pointed towards the fire. 'They burned your bra.' He spoke.
I groaned and hid my face in my hands. 'Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots.'
The others laughed and Harry patted me on the back.
'And, how are you feeling?' He asked.
I sighed. 'Sore.'
'How about a full body massage?' He whispered in my ear. His words were innocent, but his tone wasn't. I knew he would give me much more than just a massage.
'Why don't we sneak out tonight and I'll give you one?' He continued.
I remained silent.
'Just imagine. I'll make a fire and a soft bed on the ground... and then, you can relax and I'll massage your sore muscles with my warm hands. You'll be thanking me tomorrow morning.' He added.
'Okay, okay. Fine.' I eventually said. But, I was smart. 'On one condition.'
'Just a massage.'
He smirked at me. 'Of course. As you wish.'

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