Scarlett Jones is a young, talented photographer, with a heart for everything that lives and a passion for capturing the perfect moment. She's delighted when she gets asked to do her magic in Australia. First time on a plane, and it goes horribly wrong. When she wakes up from the nightmare, she enters a new one. Will she survive? And what about those guys? Warning: sexual content and strong language.


35. 'Amazing...'

‘Beautiful house you have.’ I said, staring at the little craftsman house we were standing in front of.
The natural stone house with slate roof was exactly the kind of house I would expect from Scarlett.
Not too big, not too luxurious, and yet it was elegant and impressive.
I suddenly thought those words perfectly described Scarlett herself as a person and I chuckled a bit.
‘Why are you laughing?’
I looked at her, seeing her squinting her eyes a bit in suspicion.
‘Oh, nothing important.’
‘You aren't laughing about my baby, right?’
‘Your baby?’ I asked, confused.
‘The house, dummy.’
I chuckled, turning my head towards the house.
‘Right. Your baby. No… well, yes. But not about the house itself. It’s a beautiful house. Not too big, nor luxurious, but still elegant and impressive. Just like you.’ I chuckled again and looked back at her.
‘That’s why I laughed.’ I added.
She smiled at me and patted my back before walking towards the house. ‘Are you coming? Or are you going to sleep on the driveway?’ She said, pulling her house-keys out of her pocket, opening the door.
‘Driveway sounds good. But sleeping in a bed with you sounds better.’ I replied, following her into the house.
Just like I had expected, the interior was matching the exterior of the house. Elegance, with a rough edge.
Multiple pictures covered the walls, definitely her own work, leaving me stunned. She was such a talented photographer.
The living room was cozy, with a lot of brown colors, matched with cream white. A big fireplace completed the picture.
‘Do you like it?’ She asked, turning around to face me.
I nodded, smiling. ‘It’s lovely. Did you use an interior designer or something?’
She laughed. ‘Nope. Did it all myself. With some help of friends and family, of course. I moved here two years ago. I’ll show you the pasture tomorrow, it’s huge! I discovered it when I took a walk through the forest behind the house and immediately did some research. Bought it last year.’ She proudly said, sitting down on the couch.
I took a seat next to her and pulled her in for a hug.
‘I’m glad you invited me to come over for tonight.’
‘No problem. I like to be with you.’
I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.
‘Shall I light the fireplace?’
‘Great idea.’

I laughed. ‘No you didn't.’
‘Yes I did! I just threw the chair at him. I was so mad…’
‘And what happened next? A fistfight?’ I asked curiously.
‘No… I kind of walked home and told my parents I wasn't feeling good and went home. Of course the principal called my parents that evening. My mother was pissed and grounded me, while my father just laughed.’
After he said that, he seemed to be deep in thought, his smile fading away and his expression changing.
I felt like it was the right moment to ask him something that had been bothering me since that evening at the airport.
‘You never told me why your parents weren't at the airport.’
He looked at me, remaining silent.
Then, he sighed.
‘It’s… well, it’s a little complicated.’ He said.
I waited.
‘My parents.. my parents don’t want to see me anymore. Because of some stupid mistakes I have made.’
‘You can tell me.’ I encouraged.
He shook his head. ‘I’m sorry Scarlett, I just don’t feel like talking about that now.’
‘That’s okay. Oh, do you like red wine? I've got a bottle of one of the finest wines from France.’ I got up from the couch.
‘Yeah, sure.’
Smiling, I made my way to the kitchen, standing on my toes to open the liquor cabinet. I turned around a few bottles and eventually found it.
I poured two glasses half full and went back to the living room, putting the glasses down on the little table.
‘Tell me if I’m wrong, but didn't you made a certain promise about.. doing something fun in your bed with me?’
I looked at him, eyebrows raised. ‘Um… building a fortress from pillows and bed sheets?’ I asked innocently.
Harry chuckled. ‘Nice try, Scarlett. Nice try.’
‘I don’t remember promising anything.’ I said, taking a sip of my wine before placing the glass back on the table.
‘Maybe this will make you remember…’ He whispered in my ear, kissing my neck.
My hands found his chest, feeling the muscles underneath his shirt.
He kissed my jawline, before pressing a soft kiss on my lips and I felt his hands on my hips, before one hand traveled up my back.
He ran his hand through my hair and kissed me more passionate.
Then, he stopped.
‘Shall we continue this upstairs?’ He asked with a husky voice.
I nodded. He grabbed my hand and lead me through my own house, going up the stairs.
‘Second door on the left.’ I whispered.
He nodded, opening the door and taking me with him like I was his queen.
That was exactly how I felt.
Somehow, he managed to get me a little nervous, even. His experience made me feel years younger, like this was my first time.
The last time someone really made love to me was a few years ago…
As if he noticed my slight discomfort, he bowed a little, delicately kissing my hand.
‘Take place on the bed, milady.’ He spoke with a posh voice, making me laugh.
‘As you wish, my lord.’
I sat down on the bed, watching him walking around the room, closing the curtains and even lighting some candles after he found the lighter.
He turned off the lights and I smiled at the romantic atmosphere he had created.
Then, I watched him taking his shirt off. He looked like some Greek statue in the lights of the candle and I shivered a little at the feelings he gave me just by.. standing there, for god’s sake.
He came closer and caressed my cheek before sitting down next to me.
His lips found mine again and we were making out with passion, while taking off our clothes.
Soon, my nervousness was gone and my attention was completely drawn to the feeling of his lips and hands, caressing every part of my body.
He took off his boxers and grabbed a condom, sliding it on his erection.
He climbed on the bed again and lowered himself to whisper in my ear. ‘You ready?’
‘Make love to me.’ I replied softly.
He nodded and kissed my lips.
I moaned when he entered me and closed my eyes. I felt every wonderful inch of him and enjoyed the way we moved slowly.
It felt like love, and maybe, it was.
Not much later, sweat was forming on my forehead and I buried my fingers in his soft curls, pulling at it softly when I felt the warmth building in my stomach.
‘Harry...’ I moaned, shuddering when I orgasmed.
‘Oh god.’ Harry groaned, releasing shortly after me.
My orgasm slowly faded away and I felt completely relaxed. I liked the weight of his warm body on top of me and I wanted that moment to last forever.
But he propped himself up on his elbows and stared down at me, studying my face with a content smile playing on his lips.
‘And?’ He asked, nuzzling my cheek.
‘Amazing…’ I whispered, sighing happily.

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