Living Secret

Emily is supposed to be dead. She is dead, right? Wrong. The first night in the grave, something stirs, two somethings, and nothing will ever be the same. Emily knows the government doesn't approve of supernatural creatures, so she joins forces with her newfound twin sister Shera to keep their secret safe. However, trouble arises when they fail to do so.
Please note that this Movella is rated YELLOW, due to the usage of minor language.


7. Saved

Max grabs my gun off the ground and shoots both cops - right in the hearts. They will die soon. I couldn't care less. Because right now, the person I love most is bleeding to her crimson death. I glance at Max and see he looks distorted and pale. Or maybe that's just how he looks through five million tears flowing out at once. "This," I croak, knowing he wants an explanation, "Is my twin sister. You can call her Shera. She awakened from the death. With me." He nods. Before I can speak again, he's in the police car removing their first-aid kit. He cracks it open and removes needle and thread, gauze and medical tape. I can't bear to watch as a whiter-than-white (from losing so much blood) Shera has the bullet removed, and the hole stitched shut by Maxwell. He asks me to get some riverwater. I find a large leaf and cup it, then let the current fill it. I carry it to Max and Shera and watch as Max pours it over the closed wound to get rid of the excess blood. Then he tapes a pad of gauze over it. I am eternally grateful. "Thank you," I say. And our lips touch for the first time in seemingly forever.

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