Living Secret

Emily is supposed to be dead. She is dead, right? Wrong. The first night in the grave, something stirs, two somethings, and nothing will ever be the same. Emily knows the government doesn't approve of supernatural creatures, so she joins forces with her newfound twin sister Shera to keep their secret safe. However, trouble arises when they fail to do so.
Please note that this Movella is rated YELLOW, due to the usage of minor language.


14. Broken

Okay, I love Shera Emily Odell, but I swear to God, she is a bumbling idiot. It's almost expected when she slips headfirst over the edge of the roof. I scream for her to grab on to something, but of course she doesn't. She just starts crying. She cries about everything. Not to be rude, but she would probably cry about tearing the spout on her milk. She starts kicking and slapping the air randomly, and she's about to hit ground. Everything becomes slow-mo in my mind, and she's hovering five feet off the ground, struggling for air, for breath. Then everything expands back into fast-motion, and without thought, I throw myself as far as I can, onto the rocky dirt ground. I mark the spot. Shera lands right on top of me, perfectly safe. I broke her fall. Unfortunately, she broke my ribcage. It knocks the wind out of me, and my lungs feel lopsided and awkward. I can't take any air in. Black dots consume my vision and my last waking thoughts are I sacrificed myself for my sister.

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