the day it all changed

when emma damon has to move to Australia due to her dad abusing her she mets this guy that will change everything will this guy save her or break her heart


1. time to leave


Emma's p.o.v


I was sitting in my bed room when my dad walked in. " hay get your lazy ass off the bed and go make me some dinner " he said " dad i cant i have homework to do " " well i dont care i said go make me some fucking dinner now before i beat your ass " and that was not a threat either, my dad is very abusive i wish i could just run. But i dont have money , well at least not enough  to get me far away from my jackass of father. But i had enough to get some were maybe like Australia. I had about 15,000 dollars my dad thankfully dose not now about i have been saving up sense i was 6 years old. i am 16 now.


"ok fine i will go make it what do you want ?" i said " well lets see go get me something from sallys place " he said " but that is like 50 miles away" i say getting angry "im not stupid i now how far away it is thats why i picked it so you would be gone for at least 2 hours or so " "fine i'll be back " i say but truly no i wasnt going to be back he can make him self some dinner im going to leave him. When he walks out of my room i get a duffle bag, and put all my cloths in it i dint have a lot so it will fit. Next i get my computer and ipod, then pillow and blanket. then my phone and my money. And last but not least i get a picture of my mom who died when i was 12. God i miss her so much but there is no time to waste i have got to get out of here. I grab my keys and go out the front door to my car and get in.  I look back a my old house now and start to cry not tears of sadness tears of joy, i finally made it out of that hell hole IM FREE!!!!!!



sorry it was so short guys this is my first story sorry if it is bad. 

hope you liked it

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