the day it all changed

when emma damon has to move to Australia due to her dad abusing her she mets this guy that will change everything will this guy save her or break her heart


3. meeting new people


Emma's p.o.v.

I was just about to pull up in to the airport when my phone rang. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket to find my dad calling me. ' crap ' i thought. So i pushed ignore and started walking to the swamp of people trying to get in to the airport. It was about 12:00 pm and my flit was a 2:00 pm so i was good i still had 2 hours to waste. When i got through the lake of people it about 1:15 pm , so i had 45 minutes to get through the check in and buy my tickets. But there there where not that many people a the line to go to Australia. Which was good for me.


When i got through the check in line and got my ticket it was 1:50 pm i had ten minutes to get to the plane. I ran almost the whole way so i would not be late. Cause i was getting on that plane no matter what it took. I was at the plane door so i gave the lady my ticket and she said my seat number was first class 4b. This is going to be nice getting away from my shitty father. I find my seat and luck for me there was no one there yet so i put my stuff in the suitcase thing. I sat down and put my head phones in my ears and right before my music started to play a voice came out of nowhere. " Is this seat taken " a girl about my age with blond hair and brown eyes said to me " no go ahead its all yours " i say  it could be worse i could of got stuck with a fat guy who farts a lot. " I'm Lena by the way just in case you wanted to know " she says with a little spunk " cool i'm Emma nice to meet you Lena " " nice to meet you too Emma " i smile because her happiness just made me happy and i'm going to accept it because of my dad. " so where you headed " she asked " Australia you " i say " Same what part because its pretty big " she giggles when she said that "Sydney  what about you " "omg me to. i have a feeling we are going to be best friends And you can meet my other friends Erica, Fiona, Luke, Calum, Ashton, Micheal but ashton and Micheal are taken ashton and erica are dating and micheal and fiona are dating so dont make any moves or i will cut you" oh great more abuse (j k) i through my hands up in deference. " i haven't even meet them yet and saying that when i do i swear not to okay" i say " ok good hay were do you live " i look down ashamed that i don't have now i was in fact homeless guess i didn't think of that one " um the thing is i dont have one i kind of just ran away " i wanted to cry but don't because was safe from my old life it could not get me 20,000 feet in the air " OMG i am so sorry hay don't get said you can stay with me and my roommates i told you about there is even a apartment across from us its only like $300 a month " " oh really you are the best i don't know what i could do with out you " "i know i"m amazing "  I put my head phones in and drifted of in to a deep sleep.

(just a little update more soon when emma wants to help alittle me )

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