The Big Book of Demons

Demons lurk among us all. Songs are written about them, many worship them, many slaughter them and hunt them. But the majority fear them, cower from them for them to corrupt you and terrorize your very souls. This book, whether it may be of use to you is none of its concern, but to advise you, guide you and help against the beings of the dark, the fire, the hate. I and my sister are experienced Demon Hunters, and we know the horrors these creatures cause.


37. 34 - Remnants

Remnant - Skulduggery Pleasant


Division 5



These beings are full of darkness, anger and hatred, they dream of a World where they don't have to hide in flesh. (Your body.) They don't have a purpose in life but when they do ... it's ... it's bloody terrifying. Once they've taken someone over the Remnant thinks that they make the possessed feel complete.

Once possessed someone their abilities become heightened, if you were brilliant at swordplay, you would become unbeatable with a Remnant at your side. But take heed, if they are not removed from your body within four days, they are bound to you forever. 

Now, depending on the Remnant, it's either hard or easy to tell if someone's been possessed. They will either have black veins on their face and black lips, or they will not have anything showing.


Weapons and Powers:

I really wanted to something with Weapons for my last demon, but it wasn't possible, so you've got one with pretty scary powers.

  They can possess you, they'll force their way down your throat and it isn't fun. They'll become part of your soul for the time that you hold them in there for. You can easily force them out but it takes a lot of courage.

  They can hide who they've possessed, as mentioned earlier they can hide the black veins and lips.


How to Kill:

These beings ... they can't really be killed you'd have to get them to a soul catcher. (Found in a Necromaner Temple) or the Receptable. (Found in Ireland)

Your best bet is to get them into a soul catcher and remove them from the possessed before anything bad happens.


Try not to panic, and if someone is possessed, try and get that Remnant out of them!

If you do need any more information, contact me.

-Vicky Shadownight.

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