The Big Book of Demons

Demons lurk among us all. Songs are written about them, many worship them, many slaughter them and hunt them. But the majority fear them, cower from them for them to corrupt you and terrorize your very souls. This book, whether it may be of use to you is none of its concern, but to advise you, guide you and help against the beings of the dark, the fire, the hate. I and my sister are experienced Demon Hunters, and we know the horrors these creatures cause.


22. 20 - Neoshadows


Kingdom Hearts

Division 4



Average human size.

The Neoshadow is a Heartless formed from a rather powerful beings heart and are very skilled and strong. They always appear in numbers, and are tough to bring down all at once; they work as one team, striking their opponents skilfully and strategically. But as their numbers in this pack decrease, they get harder and harder to defeat. They start to grow in strength, making up for their losses. And when their is only a single Neoshadow left, it shall attempt to summon more, to keep an endless cycle until you drop. Never before has a demon been so tactful and so precise in how they bring down their foes. 

Weapons and Powers: 
Their weapons are only their large claws, but they do massive damage and are accurately used. But their main weapon is strategy and numbers; the best weapon.
Their powers are small, being able to sink into the ground through Shadow Portals, then reappear underneath their victim. They can also summon more Neoshadows if needed, as previously stated.

How to Kill:
These ruffians will be a test of your skill, I assure you. It is best to take them down quickly as possible, so as to stop them from summoning more of their kind to the scene. But as they appear, they are vulnerable, having to stand still completely. Per usual, your wits must be about you... and then triple it. 

A group of Neoshadows are devastating. If they travelled alone, they would be of lower division, but since they never appear without more of their kind with them, then they earn their terrible renown.

- Aldrin Shadownight

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