The Big Book of Demons

Demons lurk among us all. Songs are written about them, many worship them, many slaughter them and hunt them. But the majority fear them, cower from them for them to corrupt you and terrorize your very souls. This book, whether it may be of use to you is none of its concern, but to advise you, guide you and help against the beings of the dark, the fire, the hate. I and my sister are experienced Demon Hunters, and we know the horrors these creatures cause.


16. 14 - Maulerfiend


Division 4

Daemon Engine

These giants stand as tall a house, and almost twice the length!

Quite literally living battering rams, Maulerfiends are perhaps more ruthless than a Soul Grinder. Armour clads them in every crevasse and part of their body that even the most penetrating of cannons simply do not pierce its metallic hide. Like a bull to a red rag, they charge head long into a battle field, despite the amount of fire they may take. Crashing into tanks and flipping them as if they were toys to a dog, turning infantry into paste and wrecking down defences like they were nothing.
A Maulerfiend is one of three types of Daemon Engine that used to be a noble machine of war, but was then captured, recreated and finally corrupted by a daemonic spirit. However, unlike the other two types (which will be covered later) the Maulerfiend is powered and fuelled by the daemon spirit's pure rage and ferocity, not its corrupted engines like the other two are powered by.

Weapons and Powers:
A Maulderfiend's equipment is actually rather straight forward; no ranged weaponry, no specially crafted weapons nor any sort of special wargear. It has multiple tendrils protruding from under its armour that deal with smaller targets like soldiers and possibly small vehicles. It has its bulky arms that can rip and tear larger targets apart, yet this is it. Its just its sheer weight and viciousness is what makes it so destructive.

How to Kill:
Since these juggernauts are rather single-minded and blind with anger, they hardly notice a smaller singular target. When it is on its stampede, find a way to latch onto it and take hold for your life. Then, find chinks in its armour where a possible blow could bring the beast down.

I have ridden a Maulerfiend before, and although life-risking, it sure as hell is fun!

- Aldrin Shadownight

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