The Big Book of Demons

Demons lurk among us all. Songs are written about them, many worship them, many slaughter them and hunt them. But the majority fear them, cower from them for them to corrupt you and terrorize your very souls. This book, whether it may be of use to you is none of its concern, but to advise you, guide you and help against the beings of the dark, the fire, the hate. I and my sister are experienced Demon Hunters, and we know the horrors these creatures cause.


13. 11 - Soul Grinder

                                                       (This is revenge Vicky... Got here before you...)
Soul Grinder

Division 4

Daemon Engine

These beasts can be as tall as 20 metres at a minimum, completely dwarfing some of the great daemons!

A Soul Grinder is a massive Daemon Engine that has an irrepressible urge for destruction and pure carnage. These ironclad behemoths are unstoppable unless put down by complete annihilation. They are huge mechanised juggernauts that obliterate, destroy and completely crush all those in its path with adamantium claws ripping apart mortals with ease or their bulky spider-like legs completely flattening enemy tanks as if they were blocks of rotten wood.
A Soul Grinder is a daemon who was once utterly broken, and has turned away from his gods to the Forge of Souls. There, they remake his splintered body adding mechanical limbs and increasing in size. However, this comes at the cost that all the souls that Soul Grinder gathers must go to the Forge of Souls and no where else. They must completely sever themselves from their previous gods they once served, so much so that if one of the Chaos Gods were to try and attack the Forge of Souls and rule it for themselves, the Soul Grinders must defend it at all costs, regardless if they face the legions of their once previous Dark God.

Weapons and Powers:
These beings of pure decimation wield some almighty weaponry that maybe attached to them. Most will have an Iron Claw equipped which can rip and tear even the toughest and thickest of metals. Then in the other hand, it will have a Harvest Cannon implanted on their wrist, and in that hand, hold a Warpsword. They are armed to the teeth, and most who witness a Soul Grinder will not hold their ground for long.
Powers can come from its previous demonic form, by blaring out Warpfire that can incinerate all those who are engulfed.

How to Kill:
Advice would be to not engage this beast in melee unless it is absolutely necessary. You will more likely be swatted out of the way like an insect.
Instead, it is best to engage this monstrosity at range with heavy fire. A simple rifle however is not strong enough to penetrate the beasts iron like skull, so best make sure that some heavy artillery guns are put in place to bring down this creature permanently.

A Soul Grinder's rampage will not stop without total destruction of its form. I have seen one stampede and not much could stop it, with only finally a full cannon barrage from dozens of tanks put the creature down.

- Aldrin Shadownight

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