What Makes Him Beautiful

Seventeen-year-old Lexi Villerin hates One Direction, but her best friend, Maddie, is their biggest fan. What will happen when Maddie takes Lexi to a One Direction concert?

A Niall Horan fanfiction. © 2014 Dakota Wetherall.


1. Lexi

I didn't want to go to a One Direction concert. In fact, I didn't want anything to do with anyone from One Direction. But Maddie made me go see what I thought was the worst band in the history of the universe in concert. And looking back on it, I think it's the best thing she ever did for me. It was about a year ago...

“No!” I had said, stubborn as a mule. “I hate 1D, and you can't make me go to their concert!”

“Come on! I have an extra ticket, and my boyfriend cancelled on me. Plus, you've only heard, like, two of their songs. You never know, you might have fun...” Maddie put her arm around my shoulders, looking as smug as the smirking emoji.

“No, trust me. I've been forced to hear more than two songs.” I glared aMaddie. “And besides, I have other plans.”

“Like what?” Maddie crossed her arms.

“Um... uh... I-I-I-” I stuttered.

“You have no plans,” Maddie finished coldly. She softened her tone a bit to say, “Look, Lexi. I'm not forcing you to go, but they're my favorite band, and I think you might like them too if you would just let me take you to this concert. I think it would be a fun way to spend next Saturday for both of us.”

And at that point, I couldn't say no. “Fine, Mads. I give,” I sighed, my expression clearly not happy or sincere.

Soon, that would change.

Little did I know that the night of the concert would be the greatest night of my life.

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