Ricky finds out she is pregnant with braxes baby when engaged to Zac.
She doesn't know how to brake it to Zac. She doesn't know what to do.
Brax wants to be part of the baby's life but she is committed to Zac.

Could this one decision ruin her life?


2. wait what??

"Hey hunny" Ricky said while walking throughout the front door. " are you ok babe, you look upset"

" I have something to tell you" she cried with tears running down her face "ok, what"

" I'm pregnant" " babe that's great when did you find out" " Zac the baby isn't yours, and I want to keep it"

" wait you are pregnant with another mans baby, and you want to keep it?"

"Brax really wants to be a dad" she was about through her sentence when Zac interrupted

" wait Brax is the baby's dad, I'm gonna kill him" Zac yelled while running out the door. " Zac, Zac WAIT, WAIT" Ricky yelled while running out the door after Zac.

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