Ricky finds out she is pregnant with braxes baby when engaged to Zac.
She doesn't know how to brake it to Zac. She doesn't know what to do.
Brax wants to be part of the baby's life but she is committed to Zac.

Could this one decision ruin her life?


3. keep calm!!

"Braxton" Zac yelled while barging into his house " what up mate" Brax said calmly

"What's up, what's up, ok this is what's up YOU GOT MY FIANCE PREGNANT that's what's up" he yelled while putting his fingers into a fist.

"ZAC, Zac please don't do this" she yelled while following Zac through the door.

As soon as Zac saw Ricky at Braxes house he broke off the wedding and walked out. Ricky was so upset she fainted and hit her head on the wall and have to go to hospital.

"Where am I" Ricky said in shock. " you are in the hospital, the baby is fine you just have a bump on the head" Brax said sitting down next to her and giving her a kiss on the head.

" Brax I love you I always have, I want you to be there for the baby" Ricky said with tears, " I want to be there two, Ricky" Brax said with a smile on his face " yeah" " will you marry me, I know you just came out of one but......" " yesssssss"

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