Today was a Fairytale

When Alice wakes up, she has no idea what to do. She can't remember a thing other than a piercing scream of a woman yelling out her name. But when a handsome boy named Harry discovers her alone and confused, things seem to take a turn for the better. Little does she know what lies beneath his seemly perfect exterior. Love, betrayal, and murder.

This story is based on classic fairytales including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, etc.


2. I'm Harry


''Heart rate is stable, no signs of a concussion, right tibia is fractured, some cuts and bruises, no other signs of injury,'' said the paramedic.

I was laying down, strapped to a stretcher, a venturi mask on my face. I reached up to move it away.

"Hey, stay still,'' said a voice,''She's awake.''

I looked up. It was the same pair of green eyes I saw earlier, but now I could see his entire face. He wasn't what I expected; not bad-looking...actually, he was extremely handsome.

''How do you feel? Can you tell me your name?,'' asked the paramedic.

"Um.. I don't know... My head hurts. My name is Alice,'' I said weakly.

''Well Alice, you took a nasty spill. You're lucky that this lad here was there when you fell,'' he gestured the the green-eyed boy,'' Who knows how long it would've taken someone to find you in that alley,'' replied that paramedic.

I looked over to the green-eyed boy again,''Do I know you?''

"Oh sorry, I didn't get to introduce myself. I'm Harry...''


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