what would happen if Percy went to teach at Hogwarts(READ FROM THE BEGINING IT HAS CHANGED)

Percy Jackson was eating spaghetti when he was asked to teach at Hogwarts so he packs up his 4 kids and himself and with his cousin Nico goes to teach DADA



10. Percy at the head table

I was so proud of the children they all got in Ravenclaw. After the sorting Dumbledore announced that I would be teaching D.A.D.A with Nico .After that I left the hall so I could eat with my family and I.M Annabeth to tell her about the children getting sorted into Ravenclaw I knew she would be proud of them. After that I tucked the kids in even though Alex and Clo pretend that they are to old to be tucked in.Then I went  to talk to Nico about our lesson plans for tomorrow and find him with a young woman with curly brown hair and honey colored eyes ,the ugliest gangliest red haired boy I have ever seen, and Harry Potter. I shoot Nico a glare students weren't supposed to be in here much less after curfew so I tell them exactly that. The girl and Harry actually looked apologetic  

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