what would happen if Percy went to teach at Hogwarts(READ FROM THE BEGINING IT HAS CHANGED)

Percy Jackson was eating spaghetti when he was asked to teach at Hogwarts so he packs up his 4 kids and himself and with his cousin Nico goes to teach DADA



2. Packing and stuff

After I packed the twins who are 12 bags and mine we went back into my mom's kitchen where I found him eating my spaghetti.I let him because he had sat in it and now I didn't want to eat it.When we got there he basically told us that almost every goddess and god wanted me and Nico to go on this quest to Hogwarts because almost all of them have kids there.So I accepted because the kids wouldn't stop begging me to let them go to Hogwarts which we found out teaches "magic".Nico shadow traveled us to King Cross Station where we followed Nico to the columm in between 9 and 10 I watched the fool run straight into the wall but instead of doing that he just disappeared I walked in between them and found a scarlet engine train.I was so shocked I almost didn't notice the kids behind me until my favorite child Cyrene tapped me on the shoulder (I know I'm not supposed to have a favorite but she was so much like her aunt Hazel that it wasn't funny and I love Hazel the most but don't tell the others).we got on to the train and found a almost empty compartment the only people in there was a young man about 17 and a girl who looked about the same age as Chole which is about 15 they must have been siblings because they looked almost like twins.

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