what would happen if Percy went to teach at Hogwarts(READ FROM THE BEGINING IT HAS CHANGED)

Percy Jackson was eating spaghetti when he was asked to teach at Hogwarts so he packs up his 4 kids and himself and with his cousin Nico goes to teach DADA



16. Lunch

Chole's  P.O.V

I was sitting down at lunch with my siblings when this  blonde guy that looks like a aristocrat comes over I thought he was going to flirt with me like all the other guys do but instead he talks to the twins about how he has never seen someone perform such a good levitation spell especially on their first try and invites them to join a study group for the more advanced students  

I was kinda of impressed and found myself liking this boy a whole lot more.So I invited him to sit with us I know what you are thinking Chole what if this is a dare or a bet and will end up badly for you but I don't think that was what was going on I had a feeling that Draco was different besides if he tries any thing I am sure my brother's would do something to him not that with my training I couldn't take him down myself .So instead of telling him to leave I ask him about the club and what they plan on teaching. He told me all about how he and a girl named

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