what would happen if Percy went to teach at Hogwarts(READ FROM THE BEGINING IT HAS CHANGED)

Percy Jackson was eating spaghetti when he was asked to teach at Hogwarts so he packs up his 4 kids and himself and with his cousin Nico goes to teach DADA



4. Dani sees a cute guy but then foregets about him for a different cute guy

Dani's (Annabelle)P.O.V I was in a compartment with my father figure Danny when all of a sudden 5 strangers come into are compartment I saw an older guy who looked cute he had blonde looking hair and brown eyes that looked like chocolate he was muscular and taller than me.my gaze was torn away by loud shouting that was apparently coming from the twins who are also in the compartment.they looked like twins they had the same hair and eye color they also had streaks of color in their hair.as I was looking back at the cutie I saw someone even better ...Harry Potter he was handsome and single while looking to mingle.I forgot all about the other guy and waved to Harry.I was content and was about to go to bed with dreams of Harry.when I realized there were still people in the compartment with me.

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