what would happen if Percy went to teach at Hogwarts(READ FROM THE BEGINING IT HAS CHANGED)

Percy Jackson was eating spaghetti when he was asked to teach at Hogwarts so he packs up his 4 kids and himself and with his cousin Nico goes to teach DADA UNDER RECONSTRUCTION PLEASE READ FROM THE BEGINING


12. Chole Thalia Jackson

Chole( Clo)  Thalia Jackson was a perfect example of almost all the houses. Also she is half-veela and doesn't know about so she often has boys try to flirt with her but she knows that most of them only like her for her looks. She enjoys movies especially chick flicks and she loves when her brother agrees to watch them with her. She is fascinated by architecture and enjoys the discussions that she has with her mom about it.She also love horseback riding and goes with her dad every weekend. She often loses her train of thought and loves to daydream. Very often she plays video games with the twins. She told the hat to put her in Ravenclaw because she knew that all her siblings would be in that house.       

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