Roy Mustang x Reader ♥ ~War~ ♥


This was a request from someone on IG, hope you enjoy this oneshot!♥




1. Chapter One♥ Oneshot♥

Type: Action, Romance.

Pairing: Roy Mustang x Reader

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood

[Narrator's P.O.V]


Today the Military was going in for the attack of the Ishvalan war. You were part of Mustang's Team, and everyone was getting ready for a not-so-pleasant day. To be honest, none of the people on Roy's Team wanted to go and fight, but since they're all part of the Military, you all had to do it. Just as you were heading out of the building, Roy stopped you.

"No matter what, you can't die, got it!?" He was somewhat stern, yet had concern in his voice. You looked at Gil curiously, but just shrugged it off.

"Alrighty then, I promise!" You jokingly punched his shoulder, but then gave him a gentle smile. He sighed, then smiled gently back towards you, then put on his stern face once again. You all walked out to the automobiles, and drove off. You rode with Roy, Havoc, and Hawkeye, and you can't forget Hughes! You were honestly in love with Hughes's little daughter; Elisia. She was super cute, and you adored her, and her family.

"Look at these photos of my one year old daughter!!!!" Hughes sparkled all over, you chuckled, with the others, you all looked the other way. You looked out the window, and thought.

'I still don't understand why we have to do this, it's a pain, worthless, and harmful. Something doesn't seem right, how could one of us; State Alchemists, kill an innocent little child? That was something that needed to be settled properly, because it didn't seem right!' That's what you thought of the whole time, staring out the window, wanting this to end, now!

"We're here, __(Last name)__." Hawkeye tapped your shoulder, and you nodded slowly. You got out of the car with the rest of the gang, and found yourself standing in front of a huge building, with 'Bradley' on top. You never liked that guy, something about him seemed, 'fishy', not right. You shrugged it off for now, leaving with your squad, and getting ready. You were with Hawkeye and Havoc, two people you trusted, and they trusted you back!

"Ready for this, __(Last name)__?" Havoc pulled out a cigarette. You looked at him, and rolled your eyes.

"Totally!" You said sarcastically, he chuckled.

"I'm just trying to lighten things up a bit, before tragedy." You shrugged and agreed with him. As the time passed, you were lost- literally. You missed turn, and now you have to fight your way to safety.

"Hey! It's one of them!" Someone calls out from behind, and spun around- fast. You saw them- yes, two! You had skill in every title, so you decided to use your flame alchemy. You wouldn't have had enough time to put on your gloves, so you put your mind to the test- no transmutation circles, and... *SNAP* For those few seconds, you saw their faces- trembling with few. You didn't want to feel guilt, you were a part of the Military, right?! Once they were burned, you started running... Until…

"AHH!" You screamed, and fell to your knees. You felt pain- but where? You were confused, but had to get out of that situation- quick! You got up, and started running- at a pace anyone could catch you at, but you didn't care, you had to see him, before you died.


You kept running, trying not to trip. It was a lot harder to run because you had to run while holding your one arm- your left arm, the one you had recently injured, but you were starting to lose conscious, from blood loss.

Roy! Roy! I'm sorry!

You couldn't stay up no longer, and before you hit the ground, there was another gun shot- no, two! You slightly turned your head, with all the force you had left, and you saw... Him?! You widen your eyes!

Roy?! How!?

Then you felt something go through your stomach, then you hit the ground with a huge THUMP!

"AH!" You screamed once more, seeing flames then feeling yourself starting to pass out. You heard faint footsteps, and saw a man- the man of your dreams- coming to save the day, hopefully.

"__(First name__! __(Last name)__! __(Nickname)__ for god's sake! Answer me, please! I told you that you could die! We have so much ahead of us! US DAMMIT! Please __(First name)__, respond! Please, I- I love you, okay!? You heard me, I love you you! You can't die!" He broke out in tears, and cradled you in his lap, holding you tightly.

"I- I'm sorry." Were the words you got out before you coughed up blood. "I- I love you, Roy..." Then, there was suddenly blackness, then there was a bright light. You didn't know where you were, and you saw something bright ahead. It was a hand, coming towards you, you smiled.

"I love you, Roy!" And then you saw... Nothing.


Though Roy still held you close, kissing you before he picked you up, and moved to where the bodies were kept, but he wanted you to have a special grave session, because you deserved it.

He never smiled once after the incident, and never loved anyone else, besides his __(First name)__!


The End!


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