The Dark Side of the Halo

In Altrania, Halloween is different, especially for 16 year old Mathew who hates the whole idea of it. But on the night of Halloween, a spirit visits him and his family, and shows no mercy. Petrified and scared, the only way Matthew can stop this is if he fills up the bag of life he is given with candy.


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The Dark Side of the Halo

By: Logan Whyte (Loganxx)


If I could destroy Halloween, I would. It is a stupid holiday that someone decided to make. I don't know who, I never pay attention in school so how would I know? It makes me so angry. I don't know why though. I mean people dress up as idles and than get candy for it. Please, if only that happened everyday.

Before I complain more, my name is Matthew Gray. I am a 16 year old boy who just hates Halloween. I have blonde hair, it is long but not too long. Long enough to sweep over my left eye and half my forehead. It is very smooth, but damn that is not easy to maintain. I have blue eyes. My mom says that if she stares at them for too long, she goes on an underwater journey in the bluest sea on earth. I have freckles, I wish I didn't. They infest my cheeks and a bit of my nose. There are some on my arms also. Poor things. I am pretty tall, I think about 6' 1''. I am also pretty muscular, well that is what the ladies say. I like to dress very hipster like and wear lots of beanies. But today, I wore a white and red sweater and jeans while everyone was in their costumes.

My friend wore an elf costume. Sorry to break it to you, but wrong holiday bud. I sighed in my head and looked at the costume party that was going on. It was a mob of the dead, celebrities, and just weird costumes from unknown movies. But the costume that stood out the most was the costume that Sandy Lawrence was wearing. She was an assassin. She had a worn out dress on and she had a sword in her hand. She had cut son her arms and she let her hair down. It was pretty nice. I went over to compliment her.

"Sandy! You look awesome," I complimented.

She turned around from her little group and smiled. She looked more beautiful from the front. She had blonde hair and blue eyes that was impossible to look away from. It was like a book that you could not put down no matter what. She chuckled and replied "You don't look so bad yourself...whatever you are."

She knows that I don't like Halloween, and somehow, unlike the others, she just goes along with it. I like her for accepting my denial. I almost choke on my spit whenever I see her, in a good way. She is just so damn stunning. Absolutely beautiful, but she cannot see it. I hate how she cannot accept that she is just an absolutely gorgeous person. It kind of breaks my heart a bit.

"How about you come to my house before you go trick-or-treating?" I asked. "How about 6:00?" I continued.

Her smile on her face grew bigger. She walked really close to me and winked.

"Make sure to be prepared," she replied and walked away.

I stood there in shook. I mean I actually was not expecting her to say yes at all. I was just joking and I never knew she would say yes. I just froze. I watched her find her group of friends and start talking about how she was going to my house before she was going trick-or-treating with them. At that moment I felt, important, special, and just fucking amazing. I was on cloud 9. I was just stunned.

Well I snapped out quick when my friend Jasper slapped me on the back. It hurt like hell. I turned around with the angriest face I could make, but compared to his face, well I was leagues behind. I chuckled in my head. I don't know why I call him a friend. He is more like a big ass bully.

"Daily Five Star Machooo," he laughed.

I laughed along, trying to fake a laugh. He stared at me. For Halloween he was Frankenstein, and his square head and big body actually added to the pounds of makeup and costumes on him. I stopped myself from thinking like an asshole. I was just too stunned from Sandy.

+   +   +   +

School was a bitch. It was boring as hell, even with all the activities. But all I could think of was tonight, and what I was going to do with Sandy. I told my mom to make dinner later so Sandy could eat something if she didn't already. I looked in the empty fridge. I sighed and walked outside my 2 floor townhouse. I walked down the scary streets of Altrania. 

People were in their costumes and trick-or-treating already. It was weird. I mean it was only 4:00 and half the damn neighborhood was out here. I guess they wanted to get right into the candy. I mean Halloween is only once a year. To them it is a godsend, to me it is hell in 24 hours, but not tonight.

I reached the corner store and looked for a bottle of Pepsi. I searched around and found nothing but Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola. I cursed. What store does not have Pepsi. I sighed and just went with the Coca-Cola. I went to the counter and paid the man. The man was in a costume. He wore a angel costume, but he looked more bored than festive. It made me laugh in my head. I grabbed the Coca-Cola and walked back home.

But it was different outside. It was extremely dark all of a sudden, and the wind was storming through the trees and snapping branches. It made a loud whistling noise that sent shivers up my spine. It felt like giant spiders were crawling up my spine. I took a deep breath and shook the feeling off.

The sky was turning red, a very blood red. Not the red that your thinking of, it was like blood red, but bloodshot red, just the scariest red you could think of. The trees were black and they were swaying really hard. Weird whistling sounds were yelling from the trees and leaves were going everywhere. There were no more trick-or-treaters out anymore. They were all gone.

The decorations outside of houses that were weird shapes and colors scared the shit out of me. Some popped out and some were just plain scary. And then as I was walking. Someone threw me to the ground. A face full of blood and a scream of pain later, I was staring at a demon, and not just a costume.

It was all red, and had black horns. It had black wings and also wore black shorts. It scared the shit out me and I almost died of fright. I slowly crawled away but the demon grabbed the collar of my shirt. The wind was now so bad, it almost blew the demon away with me. The noise was unbearably loud and crows were squawking really creepily. The sky was terrifying and I could not look up at the sky, or in front of me. I was trapped in fright.

The demon squeezed the collar so hard, I could feel as if his cold hands were on my neck strangling me. I almost passed out of fear, but I was still going, still alive. What did the demon want from me and why was it trying to scare the hell out of me.

"Disbelieving bastard!" he yelled with the lowest and scariest voice in the world. I could see in his eyes that he was really angry. He was scaring me so badly. His face was just scary as hell. His sharp teeth that was deadly sharp. The way he smiled at me, well actually frowned at me. The way his horns were pointing and how they were big and sharp. The shade of red his skin was, and he shade of black his wings, horns, and short were.

Unexpectedly he threw me right to ground. I hit my head on the ground and there was a huge bang. I heard and felt the loudest crack in the world. I felt pain everywhere and I did not know where in my body the crack came from. I almost fainted of pain, but for some reason, I was still alive, but I was dying. I tried to get up to kick his little red ass, but then he jabbed his foot right into my neck. I went unconscious. 

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