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1. Meet Them....

Life is full of ups and downs and its hard to get to the up part when your down so far. This is my first up. My name is Finlyee Ross and im going to a One Direction concert tonight but to make it my up is that i got Meet and Greet passes. I'm 21 and im so excited!!  


This is what im wearing my hair will be is normal brown blonde highlights curled hair with a headband. 

This is what it looks like. I have been dreaming of this since they started. "Four" they're new album just got released. "Bye mom im leaving!" I yell to my 5 month pregnant mother. My dad left us when i was born. Now my mom is pregnant with her boyfriend Steven. I see my best friend Lacey pull up the drive way in her small Sudan of a car. "Hey girl! Your ready to meet One Direction??" I ask with the biggest smile. "OMG YES I AM!!!! You dont even know how happy i am today" Lacey starts jumping around and shakes me vigorously. "Lets take my car yours is shit." I tell her. She nods and we head in. We get to the arena and its PACKED. There are so many directioners here but its normal. I walk to a security guard and show him our special passes and he leads us to a medium sized room with 3 couches and a lot of snacks. "The boys will be in soon. Have fun!" The man says shutting the door. The actual concert isn't for another 5 hours so we get a lot of time with the guys. "I cannot wait to see my babe Liam." Lacey announces. She has the biggest heart for Liam, cant blame her he's hot. But not as hot as my king Harry. Oh my GOD he is hot and I cant wait to see him today. There is a knock on the door and I open it. I turn my head back to Lacey and nod. It's them. "Come in guys!" I invite. They all walk in and sit on the couch across from Lacey and me. "So what are your names?" Liam asks. "My name is Finlyee and this is my Best Friend Lacey." I answer "Well both of you are beautiful especially you Finlyee." Harry compliments. I can feel my cheeks getting red as he shows a devilish grin. "How long have you been waiting?" Louis asks happily. "About ten minutes not that long at all." Lacey answers. " Well we have a lot to do today girls." Liam announces. "We do?" I ask nervous."Yes we are going out for dinner." Niall says smiling. I smile back and we head out. I go with Louis, Harry, and Niall while Lacey goes with Liam and Zayn. Harry makes Louis and Niall sit in the back letting me sit up front. "Harry stop being a flirt you always let me up front!" Louis complains " Finlyee is our guest so she must be in the front." Harry says back."Oh i dont mind sitting in the back." "SEE SHE DOESN'T MIND SEE HARRY SEE!!" Louis shouts." Louis calm down you can sit on the way back." Harry calmly says. Louis puffs and looks out the window. " So Finlyee do you play any sports?" Niall asks "Soccer and Lacrosse." I answer. "Whats Lacrosse?" He asks. "You've never heard of Lacrosse?? You have to come to a game with me one time." "It's a date!" He winks. Harry looks in the rear view mirror and stares at Niall. "Jealous much?" Niall says laughing. I laugh and Harry looks back at the road. 


          This is my first Fan Fic I hope u liked it!! 


                                                      Haley <3



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