I'm a feather

A girl who thinks she is a nobody. She is actually something different that she will later find out. The book has a special twist adventurous. Enjoy!!


1. The normal days

When I woke up this morning I had a strange feeling that today would actually be a good day. Greek mythology first class of the day. Since I  "failied school" I had to go to summer school. Greek mythology was my favorite class. For some reason I felt like I had some sort of crazy connection towards greek mythology.   

 Oh yeah my name is Annabeth I am 12 years old. I am a foster child but I do not live in a foster home. Somehow I know that I have a mother and a father ssomewhere in this crazy world of ours. I go to summer school at Yancy Academy in New York City. I live at Yancy Academy it is like a boarding school. My Greek mythology teacher,Mr.Brunner is my favorite teacher. On the other hand my LEAST favorite teacher Miss.Dodds she is a wicked cruel person she wears a black leather jacket ,black wrinkly kakky pants,black shoes. Before she puts me in detention she says "there ,there honey mama Dodds has plans for you". Today we have a braniac compitition. Mr.Brunner selected me to represent his class, Mr.Brunner thinks I am very smart even though I have dyslexia. Mr.Brunner says that I have a lot of wisdom but, I just don't show it,he says  that my wisdom will come when I learn what I am. I have no idea what Mr.Brunner meant when he said my wisdom will come when I learn what I am.

So know it is time for the braniac competition. The speaker introduced himself 

Hello,ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 30th Yancy Academy braniac competition Simon Wilson your host for tonoght said the  host which was the man who would be asking me  the question. Luckily for me the topic was Greek mythology.

Are you ready Annabeth,the speaker said

Ready.I said

 Speaker: Who is the God if the sea ?

Me: Poseidon

Speaker: correct!

Speaker: who is the God of the underworld?

Me: Hades


Speaker: who atet heir children?

Me: Kronus

speaker: correct

speaker: who is the Goddess of wisdom


I felt a strange zing going through my body I felt myself rising from the ground going up and down. I............


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