I'm a feather

A girl who thinks she is a nobody. She is actually something different that she will later find out. The book has a special twist adventurous. Enjoy!!


2. Camp Half-Blood

After I went rising up and down I fell down very hard. I felt very dizzy,I thought I was going to pass out. Then all of a sudden Mr.Brunner took me back to the school and into the library he was in the library searching huge books. I was incredibly confused.Mr.Brunner saw me awaken he said to me "are you ok Annabeth do you remember what happened" and for some reason after Mr.Brunner asked me that question,it felt like everything was coming back to me. My age, my school , my friends,were I lived,and most importantly my parents. I am 12 years old, I went to Caneddy Union Smith school, my best friend name is Thanlia and when I thought about who my parents were and what their name was. I heard very big foot steps heavy breathing but, Mr.Brunner did not seem to notice. At the second I was trying to spit out and remember my mother's name. The breathing and the foot steps became louder a huge monster broke through the door. It was to late for Mr.Brunner to save me. The monster hand me inside it's first. When I turned around I got a closer look at the monstrous beast. It had huge horns that were at least 2 feet tall. It had brown,black and grey matted fur,it had ferious black eyes, It was about 500 pounds. I soon knew that it was a monitor. I thought I  was going to die at that moment. Mr.Brunner threw me a green ballpoint pen I managed to get my right arm out of the monitors fist, I caught the pen.  Mr.Brunner yelled a me to unncap the pen,so I did and a huge shiny bronze sword appeared. I was so amazed and shocked I almost forgot why I had the sword. Mr.Brunner yelled execution, before I swung the sword I held on to one of the monitors horns so that when I swung I would not fall. So I swung as hard as I could and heard a growl I cut the monitors head off, the impact of the cut was is powerful I broke the monitors horn off. I fell to the ground with the minotor. The strangest  thing was that the miniatures body crumbled like sand ,then the body vaporized by the sun's rays into the library window. I was fine and so was Mr.Brunner, he said we need to hurry up to camp before another monster comes. As we went outside it started to rain and thunder very hard. Mr.Brunner had two pairs of golden boots that had white wings attached to the boots. He told me to put them on and I did. I asked "were are we going". Mr.Brunner said "Camp Half-blood!






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