Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


7. Trust Me

* * * Alia's P.O.V * * *

    We drove to the venue of the photo shoot. It was around an hour away from the apartment and that hour was spent jamming to music. Once we stepped into the assigned dressing room everyone was sitting and chatting up. I spotted Caroline Watson the boys' costume designer. Syra went straight up to Caroline and hugged her. "Hey! Caroline!" she said while hugging her. "Hello, love where have you been?" Caroline asked. "Well, I've been running late a few times and didn't happen to see you" she explained. "And also, my best friend from the states just arrived! She's gotten a job here with us." she added introducing me. "Hi, I'm Alia" I said smiling. "Hello there, I'm Caroline and glad to meet you, love." Caroline replied. "Same here" I replied. "Alright, might want to get these boys ready, I'll leave you two to it" she said before leaving. "Lets meet Lou first though!" Syra said grabbing my hand and pulling me to the other half of the room. Lou was styling Harry and Harry was cracking some lame jokes. "Lou! Hey I wanted to introduce you to another one of your fans! She's my best friend from back home." Syra said all perked up. "Hi, love! I'm Lou!" Lou said hugging me. "Hi, I'm Alia. I'm really in love with your styles. The boys always look so good!" I said in a timid voice. I was getting shy. "Trust me, Al speaks way much more than that." Harry added. I slapped his shoulder. "Thank you so much, darling. It means a lot." Lou replied. She went back to styling Harry's hair since he wouldn't shut up. I had met Lou Teasdale herself, Oh my God. 

     I went over to the other four boys who were just playing around. My eyes darted straight to Zayn. He gave me a smile that made me weak. "Hi boys!" I yelled. "Hey, it's Al!" Niall said. He hugged me and asked, "Can you do my hair today?" "Sure?" I replied. "Aye Niall get off of my lady" Zayn said pulling Niall off of me. I laughed. "Calm down Zayn, he's just Niall" I said. "But you're mine" Zayn said snaking his arm around my waist. I looked to the ground making my hair hide my flaring red cheeks. Zayn took his index and middle finger to make me look at him. "Your tiara's falling..." he said before smirking. I felt like I was living in a fantasy world. So surreal. I turned around and the boys were all staring at me with their jaws practically to the floor. "I knew it..." Liam said looking at Louis breaking the silence. "Right..." Louis replied. "Well well well, Malik looks like you've won over Al" I heard Syra's voice say. She came into the room and stared at Zayn. Zayn just looked at her and gave her a devious grin. "Take care of her, she's a priceless gem" she said smiling at us. I smiled back. "Don't worry she's not going anywhere soon enough." Zayn said before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. "ZAYN!" I screamed. "Haha, this is payback babe!" he said laughing. I remembered the park scene where we raced to his house and I played a trick on him to cheat ahead. I pounded his back to let me down and he finally did. "Ugh, I hate you." I said walking away. Everyone was laughing including Syra. "You couldn't even help me?" I screamed to Syra. "What can I say? He is YOUR boyfriend." she replied. I rolled me eyes and went over to where Syra was. She was taking out the combs and hairspray. "Let's get to work shall we?" she asked and I agreed with a nod. 

     I had done Niall's hair first since he was so ecstatic about it. Zayn pushed Niall out of the seat and sat down and pointed to his hair. I gave him a look like, 'boy if you don't get'. "Come on cutie just do my hair" he whined. "Alright fine..." I mumbled trying to piss him off. I stood between Zayn's legs and combed his hair upwards. Zayn pressed his legs together to trap me in and I laughed. He held onto my waist while I sprayed his hair. I leaned over closer to Zayn to reach the remaining strands of hair and he smirked. I looked down and saw what he was smirking at. I was flashing him with my girlies. I gasped and bite my lip. I stood back up and adjusted my shirt. "Why? I was enjoying" Zayn protested. "Very funny Malik" I said putting away the materials and looking at him through the mirror. "My hair looks great" Zayn said. "Mhm, you're welcome" I said turning around to face him. "You know what else looks great?" he asked. I smiled, "My clothes?" I asked knowing exactly what's he's talking about. "Nah, it's the girl wearing the clothes" he replied grabbing onto my waist. He looked down at me with his caramel eyes. I looked up to him shyly. "You're so beautiful" he said holding onto my cheek. Our faces got closer and Zayn looked into my eyes for permission. I closed my eyes and Zayn connected his lips with mine. Our first kiss felt like sparks were flying. Our lips were in perfect sync.

     "Hey Zayn, Paul-" I heard Liam say. Zayn and I broke apart and looked at Liam. "Woah, sorry to interrupt but Paul is calling us for the shoot." Liam said smiling. "Yeah, I'm coming" Zayn said. "Kay..." Liam said and walked away. "That was awkward" I said laughing. "Yeah, anyways, meet me here after the shoot alright?" Zayn said. "Sure will" I said. We both walked to the door where Syra and the boys were. Liam was telling them about how he walked in on us. "Well, will you look who it is? Mr. and Mrs. Snogster" Louis joked. "Hey! C'mon, can a boy not kiss her girl?" Zayn said defending himself. "Not saying you can't but this wasn't the time!" Harry said. "Let's get onto the photo shoot before we get lectured" Liam said. "Yup, get to work boys!" Syra said shoving them out. "Bye!" I said. Zayn flashed me his cheeky smile and left.

     "Looks like someone was getting it" Syra laughed shutting the door. "Shut up" I said blushing. "Yeah, that's what they all see when they think they 'found da one'" Syra said. "Zayn is a good guy don't make him seem like he's not, Sy" I defended my boyfriend. "Alright whatever you say, you're falling hard Al" Syra said. "Whatever" I said rolling my eyes and smiling. "Alright so this room is a mess lets clear it up?" Syra asked. "You? And cleaning? Oh shut up" I said laughing. Syra hated cleaning because she kept everything in the right place so it didn't have to be cleaned much. "Yeah why not?" she said. We started to pick up all the fallen things and fix the room up.

     By the time we got tired the room was half way cleaned. The rest was for the boys to clean. "Alright Starbucks? Shall we?" Syra asked. "Yeah why not?" I said. "You can stay here I'm just going down to the lobby" Syra stated and left. I sat down on the couch and surfed on my Twitter and Instagram. After about 5 minutes, Syra came back with two mocha cappuccinos. "One for my bestie and the other for me!" Syra chimed handing me mine. "Thank you, cutie!" I replied. "Dude, I really owe you big time! First thing I get my salary you are definitely getting half of it" I laughed. "Nah, it's not worth all that! What are best friend's for?" she said hugging me. 

       After a little while the boys came back in making a lot of noise. "That photo shoot was so hilarious" Niall laughed. "Right!" Louis said. "Where's Zayn?" I asked Liam after I noticed he wasn't with them. "Oh Paul was talking to him across the hall" Liam stated. "Alright?" I said confused. I got up and walked out the door. I heard a few whispers and I followed them. When I could hear clearly I stopped and listened in. "Zayn whatever you were doing it caused a few problems that I needed to fix today. You were out there with her do you know how dangerous that was?" A deep voice said, I'm guessing Paul. "Yeah, I'm sorry it won't happen again" Zayn replied. "Well whatever happened to you and Perrie?" Paul asked. At that I started to listen very carefully. "She was clingy. Al is much much better." Zayn stated. "Perrie actually brought plenty of profit for us and herself, but this new Al girl, I'm not feeling her." Paul said. Ouch. Hurtful much? "That's the point! She's in it for the fame." Zayn protested. "I don't care Zayn, you need to get Perrie back." Paul said. My eyes started to well up. "Alright, I will." Zayn replied. Wait what? I thought. A tear fell down my cheek, I wiped it quickly and stopped myself from continuing. I walked back over to the dressing room. Before I opened the door I took a deep breath and then walked in. The boys and Syra were cleaning up and messing around so I just sat back down in my space. They didn't even notice I was gone.

* * * Zayn's P.O.V * * *

     I can't believe what I had gotten myself into. I might have told Paul that I would get Perrie back but I definitely didn't plan to. Alia was such a beautiful girl and her personality was just twice as better. She was nothing like Perrie and I liked that. Paul had scolded me because the paps had seen Al and I from the park. Paul had stalled them from posting that anywhere but that didn't mean they didn't know about it. So, Paul decided that Perrie was better for me. But she's not!!! I wonder what Al is going to think about this, I wondered before I opened the door to see the boys just hanging around. "Hey guys, where's Alia?" I asked. "Oh her and Syra just left for some university opening" Harry replied. "Yeah just a tidbit late, mate" Louis added. I sighed internally. Damn it she did have to go to the open house for that. "Alright thanks guys" I replied a bit saddened. I was wishing to talk to her about this now so that I wouldn't have to keep it on my chest all day. I'd have to catch on to her later on in the day.

* * * Alia's P.O.V * * *

     Syra was driving to the open house at Mary Kate University. Syra had asked me multiple times what happened but I didn't want to answer. I was just staring through the window quietly. Zayn could not be doing this to me, not this early at least. "Can you pleeeease tell me, Al?" Syra asked for the hundredth time. "I told you, there's nothing wrong! I'm just tired!" I said. "Are you nervous?" she asked. "Yeah" I replied. Lets go with that excuse. "Don't be! You'll have me!" Syra said trying to cheer me up. I gave her a smile as we pulled up into the parking. We both got out and walked towards the main entrance. Once we walked in 2 middle aged women approached us with pamphlets. "Hi, welcome to Mary Kate, are you both new enrolling?" one of them with an accent asked. "Hello, and yes we are" Syra replied. "Right this way, ladies" the second one said taking us towards this auditorium. We sat down while a few well dressed teachers were instructing something on a power point. 

     After around an hour, Syra and I had gotten out of the school. The instructors had given us our classes and all the list of things we needed. My mood had become better than before. Getting to know what I had to do was a really big boulder off my shoulder. Now I knew that I was taking the right step in coming to London. "This will be such a fun experience, ya know" I said to Syra while we walked out. "Yeah, I'm glad you came along" Syra said. "Aw" I said while getting seated in the car. We drove back home and it only took 5 minutes. Meaning, if I had to walk on a beautiful day it would be around a 10 to 15 minute walk. Perfect. We were about to pull into the driveway when I saw a far too familiar car... It was Zayn's car. "Oh look who's here" Syra said. "Yeah, Zayn" I said hiding the truth. Oh well, Al you were going to approach him anytime soon so why not now, I thought to myself. I got out of the car and went to the door, not even stopping next to Zayn's car. I unlocked the door and walked in. "Woah, there's definitely something up with the two of you" Syra said walking in with Zayn. "I don't know what could that be" I said playing it off. "Hey, Al you left without seeing me so I decided to come by for a bit" Zayn said coming over to me. He hugged me and I was feeling the hug. "I need to talk to you" Zayn whispered in my ear. I slightly nodded knowing what was to come.

     While Syra went upstairs to take a nap, Zayn and I just stared at each other on the couch. "The thing is I had a talk with Paul and..." Zayn drifted off. I looked at Zayn in the eyes. Those eyes were going to break my heart in next few seconds. I looked away. "Hold up? You know?" he asked. "Um, no?" I said lying. "Don't lie to me, I can read your eyes." Zayn said. "But the truth is where did you hear from?" he added. "It's true. I overheard you guys in the hallway" I said looking away. "Trust me I'm not going to hurt you but, I can't deny Paul's orders." Zayn said turning my face towards him. I looked down, "Go ahead go on." "Alia you're so unique and different from everyone I just can't take my eyes off of you" Zayn said. "Stop coating my heart up before you break up with me" I said with tears in my eyes. Zayn was shocked he opened and closed his mouth to speak but nothing came out. "I wasn't going to break up with you. I was just going to say we are can't be in public..." he said in a small tone. "Zayn, Paul is going to make you date Perrie again. I knew this was going to happen with me. Your management would never accept me after all I'm not someone that can bring more publicity like Perrie can." I said with my tears pouring over. Zayn looked at me with hurt in his eyes while he held onto my face. "Do you think I care? I'm not going to date Perrie just because Paul said so. You're my girlfriend and that's the end of it." Zayn said. "Zayn, I don't want you to be in trouble. That's all I'm causing staying with you." I said. "You're not trouble. Trust me I'll do something but I'll never let you go" Zayn said. "Okay" I sniffed. Zayn wiped my tears with his thumbs. I wrapped my arms around him and he held me close.

     "Zayn?" I said after a while. "Yeah?" he asked. "My trust is easy to gain and but hard to regain. Please don't betray me." I said looking at him. "You don't even have to worry." Zayn replied kissing my forehead.


Soo, this was pretty crappy I apologize! Anyways... Next week is my BIRTHDAY! The 23rd :DD

Afterwards I'm going to be on Christmas break so you'll be getting another update next week!


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