Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


5. Spending the Day

* * * Still Alia's P.O.V * * *

     I woke up in the morning right around 8:00 am. I rubbed my eyes making myself sober up. I got up and headed straight into the bathroom for a shower. After my shower I checked my phone for any updates on the 'event' this morning. Nothing. Guess it was still on. I got ready into this bright mint green shirt with dark grey jeans and a patterned light grey scarf. ( This is for the full look: ). I threw my hair into a semi messy semi cute bun. I looked at myself in the mirror and smirked. I looked cute but still. I shaded my eyes with some white and gray eyeshadow and drew a thin black line with eyeliner. Stroked my eyelashes with some mascara and coated my lips with light pink lip gloss. I grabbed my purse, put on my flats and walked out.

     I put on my black coat and walked out of the house. I left without letting Syra know because obviously she wouldn't have let me come here. Even if she wasn't on talking terms, she would have cursed me out and gotten even more pissed. She doesn't need to know that I'm going to see Zayn on a day off. I was walking on the side walk and just taking in the beauty of England. It's weird how life is so different yet similar here. I kept walking and finally saw this tiny cute little Starbucks shop on the corner, near the end of the street. I opened the door and little bells chimed. I looked around and didn't see Zayn so I sat down in a booth in the back. I tapped my nails on the table while looking outside the window. The sky was cloudy maybe some rain coming in. All of a sudden, someone tapped my shoulder and I snapped my neck towards them and looked up. It was Zayn standing there chuckling. I clicked my tongue at him. "Good Morning to you too then? May I?" he said pointing to the chair across from me. "Yeah sure." I said. "So, did you sort out things with Syra yet?" he asked. "Uh no. But I will eventually. Right now she needs to cool down a bit." I replied. He nodded and a waitress put two cups of coffee in front of us. "2 peppermint mocha's" she said and walked away. "Thanks" we both said and she walked away. "Thanks, Zayn" I said to him and he flashed me his smile. Oh how I melted. "No worries, love" he said. "So? Why'd you call me here?" I asked remembering. We both sipped on our coffee. "Well... I wanted to know more about you. You're such a nice girl and I think you could expand on how you've come to be" he said with a cheeky grin. I blushed.

     "Well, I used to live in Washington D.C and I've always wanted to be a hairstylist or like a makeup artist. I was obsessed and my whole family knew that. But when it came to the time of deciding which course to go for, I decided Cosmetology. My dad really didn't like that decision and he forced me into doing IT. I went and I really didn't like it, I mean I'm smart but that's just not my forte. So I dropped out around like last year doing only like one and a half of the 2 year course. My dad was furious and he stopped talking to me. My mom encouraged me to get back into the course and do what was right. But that wasn't right to me. So I just put up the plan, talked to Syra since she was going to the same school I wanted to go to. But she changed her plans into going here. So I booked the cheapest flight I could find, gave up everything and ran away from home. After that, no one even tried to contact me..." I drifted off telling my story. I looked down and tried to hold back the tears. When I looked back up, Zayn was looking at me closely. He grabbed my right hand and squeezed it. "It's okay love. You made the right choice with going with your heart. Did you try to call back home?" he said soothingly. "I'm scared..." I replied. Honestly, I didn't want to. I missed them a lot but I didn't want to hurt them from calling. They would want me to come back, which wasn't going to happen soon enough. "There's nothing to be scared of, you're their daughter, they love you, they'll only want better for you." Zayn said still holding onto my hand. I looked at our hands and back up to him. He clearly saw my expression and snapped his hand back. "I advise you to call them right now, let's see what they say" he said. I stared at him for a moment and pulled out my phone slowly. I dialed the number and put it up to my ear.

     "Hello?" I said. I heard my mother's sweet voice from the other end. "Alia? Is that you?" she asked with a hint of confusion in her voice. "Yeah, it's me Ami" I squeaked using the urdu word for 'mother'. I looked over at Zayn and he smiled and motioned me to go on. "How's it going, Ami, everything good?" I asked. "Everything is fine, beta. How are you?" she replied. She used the urdu word for 'child.' I teared up hearing her motherly voice take in. "I'm fine, how is dad?" I choked out. I was scared to ask that last question but I needed to. I mouthed to Zayn 'I can't do this'. He mouthed back 'It's okay'. "He's been very furious since you left. He actually wanted me to call you to see if you were okay. He is your father, he loves you and he cares. I was going to call you later tonight." She said getting a little more carefree in speaking to me. "I miss you guys, Ami." I said almost in a whisper now breaking down into tears. Zayn took a few napkins and handed them to me. I dabbed at my cheeks. "Don't cry, beta. I want you to do your best there. Feel free to call me whenever." She said in the most loving tone ever. At that moment it hit me. I was so far away from home, I had probably made a huge mistake in coming here. Dad must've punished everyone in the family for my mistake. "Alright Ami, I'll call you later okay. Bye. Take care. Love you." I said and she replied back with "Love you beta" and the line went dead.

     I sighed and just looked up at the ceiling. "Everything alright?" Zayn asked. "Yeah, dad is apparently furious but he did ask my mom to call me later tonight but since I called before..." I said. "Well that's good. That's a start, they're okay" Zayn sat sitting up. "Yeah, I just realized how much I missed my mom" I said. Zayn grabbed my hand and rubbed circles on my knuckles with his thumb. "It's alright, love." I smiled at him. Zayn is a really nice guy. And then in that moment I realized he was still dating Perrie. "What happened about Perrie?" I asked hesitatingly. "Oh... Well I talked to her about giving me some space. She really didn't like the idea of it so I'm going to try to talk to management but I'm sure they won't listen." he replied. When he said that, I kind of felt disappointed. He needs to do something. I'm starting to develop feelings for him and if this keeps up. I'll be in love and he'll still be dating Perrie. "But don't worry I'll break it to her." he said clearly noticing my expression. "Zayn, you should do something." I said. "Looks like someone wants Zayn Malik..." he said. "Oh my lord..." I mumbled rolling my eyes. "You wanna hang out over at my place?" he asked breaking me from my thoughts. "Uh... Sure" I don't know why I said that because I was thinking 'No I can't' but my conscience made me speak. "Cool, then lets go" he said with a smile while getting up. "Wait, won't the pap see us?" I asked stopping Zayn in his tracks. He looked back over his shoulder and said "Don't worry about them." I shrugged and walked with him.

     We walked out and towards a black Bugatti. Zayn had his hood up and glasses on at this time and I understood his statement a few seconds ago. We both sat down and Zayn raced off. "Um... Zayn I thought you couldn't drive?" I questioned. He chuckled "Well, I'm not the best but I can drive." Every time he laughed his eyes twinkled. I couldn't help but stare at him. "Uh hellooo" he looked at me for a second and then back at the road. "Oops, sorry" I blushed and looked away. "Heeey, rosy" he laughed. I put my hands onto my cheeks. "Remove your hands..." Zayn said. I did as I was told. "You're so beautiful, Alia" Zayn said looking at me as we stopped at a red light. "Thanks" I smiled at him. "If only you were mine" he mumbled. "Whatchu say?" I asked. "Oh...I-I said your American accent if so awesome" he replied. I smirked knowing what he said. "I heard you... And thanks it comes naturally" I laughed.

     After about 10 minutes we stopped at a house. Zayn got out and before I could grab the handle, Zayn opened the door himself. I stepped out and thanked him. We walked up to the door and Zayn unlocked it letting me step in first. The place was beautifully furnished and the decor was amazing. "Nice place, I didn't know boys could keep a home this clean." I commented. "Well better believe it." Zayn said nonchalantly. He sat down on the couch and turned on the telly. ( Lol ) He motioned me to sit down. On top of the telly was our prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Allah S.W.T. names craved in golden writing. I was in awe and trying to take in the beauty of the place. Zayn pulled on my shoulders for me to lean back. "I know my place is a beauty but c'mon... Relax I'm even a bigger beauty" he said in a vain voice. I laughed "Cute one Malik" I said. "Yay new level: Cute" he said. I laughed yet again. Zayn put on a random movie that was on, Twilight: New Moon. "This is my favorite of the Twilight Saga!" I shrieked. "Oh really? Mine too" Zayn said. I looked over at him and asked "Really?" with one eyebrow raised. "Yes, really." he laughed.

      We watched the whole movie, Zayn had made popcorn, and we enjoyed the day. Now it was around 2 pm and I had gotten ATLEAST 10 calls from Syra. I called her back and let her know that I was "out" well I wasn't lying or anything. "I'm extremely tired..." Zayn said with a yawn. "Seriously? One movie and you're tired?" I scoffed. "Well, excuse me!" Zayn said and sprawled out on the couch. I laughed and Zayn smiled with his eyes closed. I got up off of the couch and Zayn grabbed my wrist. "Where are you going, love?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and fell back on the couch. "Cuddle timeeee!" Zayn yelled and pulled me over to him. He wrapped him strong arms around me and I just laughed. He closed his eyes again and got comfortable. I loosened up and put my head on his shoulder. Then, I started to feel sleepy so I closed my eyes. 

* * * Zayn's P.O.V * * * 

     I felt Alia put her head on my shoulder. I looked over at her and she was sound asleep. I kissed her forehead and whispered, "G'night love." I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.

* * * Alia's P.O.V * * *

     I woke up and checked the time and it was 4 pm. I looked up at Zayn and he was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful so I decided not to wake him. I slid out of his grasp and put a pillow in my place. I decided to text Syra. 

Me: Sy, I'm over at Zayn's don't be pissed

Syra: What are you guys doing? 

Me: Well, we went to Starbucks before. Now we're here and we're just watched a movie. 

Syra: Keep it PG is all I'll say

Me: Where are you? 

Syra: You don't need to know...

Me: C'mon? You're at Louis'? 

Syra: Maybe... 

     I mentally laughed. This girl was falling for Louis while trying to stop me from Zayn. She thought she would get away with this! It's time to be a tease Alia Khan. 

Me: YOU keep it PG 

Syra: Shut up. I'm not supposed to talk to you

Me: We're not 'talking' we're 'texting' 

Syra: True anyways I gotta gooo bye

Me: Bye Psycho!

     After I typed my text I felt a pair of arms on my shoulders. "Good afternoon, Zayn" I said without looking behind. I turned around and I laughed. Zayn's hair was everywhere and he looked goggly. "Pfft, what the hell happened up there?" I laughed. "W-what?" he asked. I took him to the mirror in the corridor near the kitchen. Zayn looked at himself and laughed. "Looks like I was banged up" he laughed at his appearance. I shook my head while rolling my eyes at him. "Look at me, bend down" I instructed him to do. He did as he was told and I fixed his hair. "There ya go Malik" I said. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror. "Thanks" he replied. "Syra's with Louis" He added looking at me. "Yeah I know" I smirked. "Again, may I say? Little hypocrite" he joked. I slapped him arm playfully. He winked at me and again I blushed. "You blush at everything! What the heck! I wish I had that kind of hotness" Zayn said in a whining tone. "Sorry! It's not like I can control it" I replied. "Mhm, its cause I'm sexy" Zayn said going into his vain mode. "Pfft.. Sure?" I said rolling my eyes. "Admit it" he said while walking over to the front door grabbing his jacket and handing mine to me. "Uh no, where are we going?" I asked. "Just put your jacket on we're going to this park nearby" he replied. We both put our jackets on and walked out. Zayn grabbed my hand and we both walked, hand in hand, towards the park. "I could really get used to this" Zayn said looking down at our hands and then back up to me. I simply smiled at him. 

     We crossed the street to the park and walked in. The park was small there was little kids playing around on slides and swings. While their mothers were sitting on the bench watching them. Zayn pulled me and started to run in the direction of this bridge. We walked up the small bridge and Zayn leaned over on the wooden railing. I did the same and he looked over at me and smiled, making his golden brown eyes twinkle. I smiled back at him. "This is where I always come to relax and cool down" Zayn said. "It's beautiful" I said looking around at the colorful trees surrounding the bridge and small lake. "Not as beautiful  as you though" Zayn said with a slight smirk on his face. I blushed, looking down at the lake. Zayn took his index finger and made me face him. "I'm serious, you're so beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise." Zayn said looking straight into my eyes. At that moment I felt my knees losing on me and my body tensing up. "T-Thanks Zayn" I said looking at his gorgeous face. He took me into his arms and held onto me tight. I rested my head onto his chest. I felt like never letting go of him. I was starting to love his presence near me more and more each minute. "And I know you're going to be hesitate with me until I break it off with Perrie so... Let me do something real quick." Zayn said before letting me go and pulling out his phone from his back pocket. He dialed a number and put it up to his ear. "Uh hey babe" he said and I looked down at the ground. There was a long gap before Zayn talked again. "Yeah um I asked you numerous times for space and you haven't been giving me any. I'd just like to call it quits because it's clearly not working out" Zayn said and I just looked up at him with my mouth shaping into an 'o'. Zayn held up his index finger at me to hold on. I heard massive yelling on the other end until Zayn cut off the call. "Zayn? Why'd you just break her off like that?! That was so rude!" I said almost yelling at him. "Calm down! It's not like she loved me! She wanted my money and to eat at my fame." Zayn said looking at me now. "But still, she's a girl and her heart just got broken." I said again. "Bullshit..." mumbled Zayn.

     I didn't say anything for a while until Zayn looked at me. I didn't look back but I saw him staring from the corner of my eye. "So, now that I'm officially single? Will you go out with me?" Zayn said. I looked at him and he took my hand. "Will you Alia, be my girlfriend? I promise to make you happy, and give you everything-" before he could end I cut him off with "Will you shut up? You're sounding like you're proposing to me!" I said laughing with tears almost in my eyes. "Should I take that as a yes?" Zayn said raising his eyebrow. I nodded and he pulled me in for a hug. He picked me off of my feet and spun me around, I laughed. "Stop it Zayn!" I yelled. He finally put me down. I don't know if I was doing the right thing with saying yes but I kind of felt like Zayn would love me like no other. 

     The sun was starting to set and I couldn't believe that Zayn had asked me out. I was all smiles and he was breathtaking. "Race to my house?" he asked. I nodded with a mischievous grin. "1...2...3.... GO!" We both ran crossing the street and up the sidewalk to his house. Zayn was in the lead due to his long legs and me being shorter I was still behind about 3 feet. A trick came into my mind. I tripped my myself and fell to the ground "Ouch!" I screamed. Zayn stopped dead in his tracks and ran back. "Are you okay?" he asked with worry written all over his face. "Y-Yeah I just tripped." I replied faking my injury. "Here let me help you" Zayn said before he picked me up bridal style and walked home. "Does it hurt?" he asked looking down at my face. I winked at him and said "No." He stopped and looked at me with a stern look. "YOU LITTLE FAKER! ALIA KHAN YOU ARE DEAD MEAT!" He shouted and I jumped out of his grasp and ran to his house. "Haha! Look who got here first!" I stuck out my tongue. "You cheater!" Zayn laughed. "Stop being a sore loser and drop me home." I told him. "Alright go get your bag from inside" Zayn said tossing me the key. I went up to the door, unlocked the door and walked in. I grabbed my bag and walked out locking the door. Zayn had already gotten in his car and started heating it up. I sat down inside it and gave him a smile. "Today was fun whether you admit or not" Zayn said. "Sure was, thanks a lot Zayn" I said. "Pfft. Shut up you're a cheat." He joked.

     The rest of the car ride was spent quietly not awkward but just quietly we were just tired from running. Zayn pulled up to Syra's flat and I thanked him one more time and got outta my car. "Hey! See you tomorrow at work, babe!" Zayn yelled out of his window. Leveled up to babe. "Mhm! Good night Zayn!" I yelled back. 

     I hadn't known Zayn for too long but I had a sort of feeling where I would get to know him better each and everyday. Then again, that thought kept haunting me. What if management gets pissed? Even if I get passed management what are the fans going to think of me? Hell, Perrie will find out and kill me!  I was so scared! Hopefully, all this will be handled and my fears will be proven wrong...


O M G! How do you guys like Zaylia? Or Zalia? 

Sooo I updated again! I felt as I needed another strong chapter to keep you guys hanging until I get some more time to write out more. Right now I need to think a little more towards school and a little of how I want this story to go!  Hopefully this'll be a quick process and I'll keep filling in! Kay let me know what you guys would want to see, any drama, link up? COMMENT BELOW! Kaaay lovelies! 



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