Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


11. Sleepover with Zayn

*Zayn's P.O.V*

     I had convinced Alia to stay after and now we were upstairs looking for something to wear. I fumbled through my drawers. "What about this?" I asked Alia holding up my "cool kids don't dance" t shirt. "Hm, I guess it could work, now I need pants" she asked. I fiddled through another drawers and handed her my smallest pants I had. "Ugh, lifesaver, Zayn!" she let out a relieved sigh. I took out the first two things in the drawer and put them on my bed. "You have a really cool room by the way" Alia commented. "Thanks, I spray painted it myself" I said with a wide grin on my face. I took off my shirt and slipped on a plain black tee. I saw Alia looking at me intently. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" she shook her head and hid her face. I started to take off my pants and instantly Alia covered her eyes with my shirt. "Open your eyes, Alia" I laughed. "Astagfirullah (God forgive me), I will not open my eyes" she mumbled. "Okay coast is clear" I laughed again. She peeked through and then took the shirt down. "Better get used to it now your turn" I smirked. She looked at me as if I was mad. She looked to the side and pointed to the bathroom. "Sure?" I shrugged. She walked to it and shut the door. In less than two minutes she was out. "Aw, you look amazing in my clothes" I smiled. "Really? The shirt actually fits pretty well" she smiled looking at herself in my body length mirror. "That's all mine" I muttered wrapping my arms around her small torso and resting my chin on her head. Alia smiled and we just stared in the mirror. "Alia?" I asked. "Should we go downstairs now?" I laughed. "Sure" she laughed with me. We walked downstairs and I turned on the telly. "Okay let's watch The Horror Story?" I asked. "Horror story? Um, no I hate horror, next" Alia spoke up. "Then, that's what we're watching" I replied falling on the couch next to Alia. "Ugh" Alia sighed. "You can squeeze the shit outta me when the scary part comes" I laughed. Alia playfully slapped my arm and I started the show.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Aliaaaa wooo" I tried to scare Alia. "Shut up!" She screamed. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her. "It's okay I got you here" I said kissing her forehead. "I love you" Alia breathed. "Do you really?" I asked sarcastically. "Pfft loving someone is not special! I love everyone" Alia laughed. "Well I preserve my love for the special people. The people that are actually worth my love" I replied. "I see I'm not apart of those 'special people'" Alia said. "Of course not you're one of the most special-est people" I replied. "Yeah yeah sure" she mumbled. "No seriously I love you so much Alia you're really beautiful" I winked. Alia threw a pillow at me and I pretended to die. "Zaaaayn?" Alia said in a whiny voice. "I'm dead, you've killed me" I replied in a weak voice. "Okay then stay dead" Alia replied sitting back down on the couch and going on her phone. "Well, I have a very loving girlfriend" I said in a sarcastic tone getting up. "You sure do" Alia replied without looking away from her phone. I towered over her on the couch and watched her scroll through Instagram. "You know what I don't get? Why you girls love Instagram so much?" I asked. "I don't it's kind of addictive" she replied. "Not even, I have a Instagram too and it's not addictive" I admitted. "Do you even go on Instagram? You don't even follow anyone" Alia replied. I took out my phone and opened up Instagram that I hadn't used in ages. I searched up Alia's Instagram and followed her. "Zayn my followers are exploding did you just follow me" Alia looked over at me. I laughed and nodded. I looked at the time and yawned, "It's 2 am already." "Indeed it is" Alia replied. "Lets go upstairs and sleep?" I asked. "Uh, can I just sleep here on the couch?" she asked. "No, you're my guest you may not just sleep on the couch. We're going to go sleep upstairs in my room" I replied. Alia stared at me for a while. "C'mon it'll be fun" I tried again. Alia widened her eyes and I completely understood her. "You have a dirty dirty mind" I laughed. "It's not my fault you're saying things like that" Alia replied in defense. I laughed and dragged her upstairs. I plopped down on the bed and and she followed. "You're so tiny and cute" I commented. "I get that a lot now please let me sleep" Alia said a bit annoyed. I frowned and laid down. Alia was facing away from me so I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up from the bright sunlight peaking through the curtains. I looked down and saw Alia's head laying on my chest. She looked so innocent sleeping. I kissed her forehead and she moved a little bit didn't refuse. I smiled and slowly shifted her head onto the pillow making sure she didn't wake up. I tiptoed to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Once I got out I saw that Alia was sitting up rubbing her eyes like a little child. "Good morning" she mumbled. "Morning" I chuckled. She got out of bed and fixed herself and I was about to do my hair. "Can you do my hair?" I asked her with a smirk. She came over to me and sat me down. She grabbed my comb and gel and swiped my hair into the quiff. She was so skilled at it now. "Got some skills" I said looking at myself in the mirror. "Your hair is easy to do" she said. After a while we made pancakes together and then had some coffee. I looked at the time and it said 3 pm. "Don't you have class?" I asked. "Oh my gosh I almost forgot I have class!" Alia jumped up. "It's okay I'll take you home right now" I said almost laughing. "Okay" Alia said and started gathering her things. "I'll just change out of your clothes" she said walking towards the bathroom but I stopped her. "Keep them they look better on you than they looked on me" I said turning her towards the door to get out. She smiled and I drove her home. During the ride Alia called Syra to make sure she was home because she had forgotten her keys. As we pulled into their driveway Syra's car was there. I leaned over to Alia and kissed her. "I can wait here if you want? I'll drop you to your class?" I said. "No Zayn that won't be necessary Syra is here and you need to get to the photoshoot too" Alia said as she got out of the car. I nodded and she waved bye and I drove out of the driveway.

*Alia's P.O.V*

I knocked on the door and Syra opened it and I rushed in. "Give me 10 minutes I'll get ready and we can leave" I said running upstairs. I picked out a loose pale pink top and paired it with white jeans and gold flats. I did a bit of eyeliner, mascara, put lip gloss on and ran downstairs. Syra walked out the door and I locked it following her to the car. "First class!" Syra grinned. "Hopefully we have a good time" I replied. "Yeah of course the professors are great" Syra commented. We slipped into a nearby parking space and hurried to class.


EXTREMELY SORRY FOR THE VERY VERY LATE UPDATE! I wanted to discontinue the story since I was so busy but I feel like I should keep going so here it is! -ZaynLoverxX

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