Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


10. Skate Your Heart Out

* * * Alia's P.O.V * * *

      Zayn pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. "You want to call Louis and Syra over too?" Zayn asked. "Sure? It's up to you." I replied. Zayn called Louis and he picked up. "Hey, bro would you bring Syra over for ice skating?" Zayn asked as he picked up. "At the Pentagon Row Park" Zayn added. I guess Louis agreed because Zayn broke into a smile and hung up. "They're coming" Zayn said. "Cool" I nodded. He quickly ran over to my side and opened the door. I smiled and grabbed his hand to get out. We walked on the cobbled stone pathway. "It's pretty chilly" I said shivering a bit. "I know but you've got me here" Zayn said sneaking his hand on mine. I squeezed his hand and smiled. Zayn was such a cool guy, it was just indescribable. The way he smiled down at me. Me being only up to to his chin. "Why're you smiling at me that way?" Zayn asked chuckling. "Nothing" I laughed. We approached the ice skating rink in the heart of the park. Zayn and I walked into the small renting shack. "Hi, how are you doing? Renting skates?" the shirt cashier girl asked. "Yeah size 8 and..." Zayn looked over at me telling the cashier. "And a size 5" I replied. The girl went to the back to grab 2 pairs of skates. She handed us the skates and Zayn handed her his credit card. "Hey aren't you Zayn Malik of that band..." she asked charging Zayn's card. "One Direction? Yeah I am. Are you a fan?" he asked. "Not really but could I get a picture?" she asked. Zayn looked over at me and I shrugged it off. I sat down on the bench taking off my shoes and putting on the skates. Zayn took a few pictures with her and then joined me to fasten his skates. Once we were ready we went outside to the rink.

     There were only like 4 other people skating. We saw Louis and Syra approaching the shack. I waved at Syra and she waved back. "Let's get on?" Zayn asked. I looked at him a bit apprehensive. "You can't skate?" Zayn asked. "Well..." I said feeling a bit down. "It's fine I'll help you out" Zayn said. He got on the rink and gave me his hand. I put one hand on the railing and the other in Zayn's hand. I stepped onto the ice and Zayn started moving with me. "Keep your feet together but just move them one by one" Zayn instructed. He held my hand while I tried moving my feet. "Yeah, just keep going" he said letting go of my hand. "Zayn..." I whined getting scared that I might fall. "It's alright you've got the railings to hold onto" Zayn winked. He skated back to the entrance where Louis and Syra were getting on. I crossed my arms and looked over at Zayn. I tried to skate on my own but my feet kept on slipping. I let go and tried that way but I slipped again.... I closed my eyes and was ready for the impact before 2 strong arms held onto a waist. "Woah, you okay there?" I heard Zayn ask. I opened one eye and looked up at him. "Y-Yeah just kind of slipped" I said standing up again. "Let's skate together then" Zayn said. He went behind me and held onto my waist. We skated around to where Syra and Louis were. "Ah, I see you both were having a moment over there" Syra said. "Shut up you know I don't know how to skate" I slapped her arm playfully. "You guys are cute" Louis commented. "I would have to say the same you too" Zayn smirked. We continued to ice skate around the rink. Zayn teasing me from time to time for not being able to spin around like him. Zayn brought me to the center of the rink and pressed his forehead onto mine. "You're so beautiful" he mumbled. "Thanks, Zayn" I replied. He pushed us apart and then he put his arm up. "Spin for me" Zayn said. I spun around slowly as I could on my skates. He pulled me back in and pressed his lips onto mine. "Woooo" I heard Louis and Syra hoot. We broke off and I blushed. Zayn caressed my cheek. I looked over at Syra and Louis and saw that Syra was taking pictures. "You guys are undeniably cute" Syra yelled. "C'mon Lou it's your turn" Zayn challenged. 

      Louis pulled Syra over away from the railings and held onto her hands. "We've been hanging out for a a few months now and you're such a fun, adventurous, and loving girl. So, will you go out with me?" Louis asked so softly we could barely hear. "Of course I will, Louis" Syra said hugging him. "Awww!" I yelled. "Now that's a man" Zayn commented. Louis flipped Zayn off and Zayn looked stunned. Louis and Syra were now a couple and I couldn't be happier for my little sister. She deserved the best and she was getting Louis which was basically the same thing. They're absolutely perfect for each other. They're both crazy people so it was meant to happen. "They're going to win over best couple of the year" I whispered to Zayn still staring at Louis and Syra getting excited. "Nah, I think we're way hotter than them." Zayn whispered into my ear. "True" I laughed. "Never underestimate yourself in front of others" Zayn said. I smiled at him. At that moment it felt so good to know that I knew people that truly cared for me. Syra, Zayn, the other boys, I was so grateful for them all. I held onto Zayn's shoulders to peck him on the lips. 

     Afterwards, the four of us left since it was getting tiring. "So we're both going to drop them home?" Louis asked Zayn. "Yeah unless you wanna keep Syra and I'll keep Al" Zayn said raising his eyebrows. "Ahem, we're right here" Syra cleared her throat. "We're not doing any of that sort" I added rolling my eyes. Zayn shrugged. "Alright let's just drop them" Louis said getting out his keys. "Why don't you come with me for a bit?" Zayn whispered in my ear holding my hand. "Because... I don't have an actual excuse but just because" I replied not knowing what to say. "Come for a bit?" Zayn urged. "Alright fine" I gave in. "I'm taking Al to my house" "Syra and I are going to eat" Zayn and Louis said at the same time. "Oh, okay?" Syra said. We all laughed. The group of us parted our ways getting into the cars. ( )

     We arrived at Zayn's house and Zayn and I put away our coats. "Wanna make some hot chocolate?" Zayn asked. "Mmm, sure!" I said getting excited. We walked over to the kitchen and Zayn took out the chocolate. "Get the milk from the fridge please." Zayn said. I opened the fridge and took out the half liter of milk. "Um, Zayn you only have one cup of milk" I said looking at the half liter which was half empty. "Well I could go get some more?" Zayn said. "No it's alright I think we can share" I smiled. Zayn smirked and stirred the chocolate into the warm water. I looked at the picture of Zayn and his sisters on his fridge. "Your sisters are really pretty I must say" I said looking at the picture. "Thanks, and they really are" Zayn replied. I took the sugar on the counter and put in 3 full teaspoons. "Oh we're going to need some more of that" Zayn said grabbing my hand and scooping more sugar up and piling it into the small pot. He stirred and then I added the milk. "We made hot chocolate" Zayn said in a excited way. I laughed at him. "You know Zayn you're really chill for a famous person with thousands of girls" I said looking at at his towering figure. "Really? Thank God you're not like the fans" Zayn sighed. "I am fan but to be really honest I wasn't too much into you guys until a year ago" I admitted. "It's all good, love" Zayn said wrapping his free arm around me. He put his arm on my shoulder and pinched my left cheek. "Ah..." I said getting annoyed. "Your cheeks are so chubby" Zayn teased. "Staahap" I said acting annoyed. Zayn poured the hot chocolate into one huge cup and put marshmallows on top. "Are those even halal?" I asked. "Of course! Do you not think I'm Muslim myself?" Zayn scoffed. "I didn't mean it that way, I was just making sure" I said in a smaller voice.

     Zayn carried the cup and pulled me to the living room. We sat down and Zayn turned on the telly. "Ooh Frozen is on!" I said pointing it out. "Hm, let's watch it" Zayn agreed. As we turned to it Zayn and I cuddled up to a warm fuzzy blanket and the hot chocolate. "You warm enough, love?" Zayn asked. "Yeah" I said snuggling up to Zayn. He kissed my forehead and we started watching the movie.


     Once the movie ended Zayn and I laid on the couch for a bit longer. "Can you take me home?" I whispered with my head laid on Zayn's chest. "Why? You want to leave already?" he asked. His chest booming as he spoke. "I mean it is around like 9 pm already and..." I drifted off. "And you won't see me for the next few days because Lou will be doing our hair again" Zayn said. "I mean... I could still come by? My first class isn't until 4 in the afternoon" I tried to reason. "Stay the night please?" Zayn asked looking into my eyes. I froze a bit. Was he really asking what I thought he was asking? I looked at him with a blank expression. Zayn blinked, "Oh no no, I am not, No!" Zayn said starting to shake his head. He started to laugh and I let out a relieved laugh. "Woah there Malik, things were getting heated there for a bit" I said. "As much as I like you, I wouldn't scar you" he laughed. My heart sunk a bit hearing the like word. Well, it was the beginning of the relation and there's nothing to conclude yet. I shrugged it off for the while. "Besides, Syra would be against it and I haven't changed in a whole day!" I stated the obvious. "Syra isn't your mum so chill. As for the clothing, I'm sure you could wear one of my shirts and pants for the night" Zayn urged. "Zayn..." I said raising my tone. "Alia..." he replied mocking. I rolled my eyes. "This'll be so boring! We already had hot chocolate and watched a movie" I whined. "Wait. So you gave in?" Zayn said raising an eyebrow. "Don't get too excited" I replied. "Yay! I promise we can do something fun" Zayn said leaping to his feet.


Such a long time no update! I know, I know I suck. But I've been really busy with numerous projects and homework I just didn't get the chance to write. And even now I had a hard time but I hope you liked it.

If you look forward for something happening or any feedback let me know below :D


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