Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


1. New to this...

~ Hi! I'm Anmol (Zayn Girl HA!) and Welcome to my new story! This is my first Movella but I've co-written a few other stories on Wattpad and Quotev. But anyways if you don't like it, no worries! I'm free to helpful advice! So just bear with me while I try to start this story up because at first the updates might be slow and short but I'll be on track as soon as I can! Thanks and ENJOY! ~


*Alia's POV*

     It was a rainy day in Manchester. There was nothing going right about this day. Everything was turned upside down when I, Alia Hayaat Khan, decided to go against all odds and escape away from everything. See let me set my story straight... I had just finished up high school when I decided to fulfil my dream of becoming a cosmetologist. Makeup, hair, fashion was not just my hobby it had turned into my life! There was no way of stopping me and when my parents did I was set aback. They were the typical Pakistani parents... Not wanting their daughter to become something other than a doctor. But I couldn't stay in school for the rest of my life! That's just not my thing! And then all hell broke loss when I tried to persuade my parents to come here to the UK to pursue my dream.... They kicked me out. But they were nice enough to throw my clothes and most precious belongings with me. So with a few savings I had I came ALL the way here! Brave you might think... Yeah, but I had no way to even start here! But luckily Syra, my bestest friend ever, was also into the same things as I was. But her parents were more understanding than mine... ( Go figure ) So I called her up and she set me up. 

     So, here I am at this small cafe in the corner of hell knows with my belongings. Kind of looking like I need desperate help. I hear the bells on the front door of the cafe jingle, I looked up and there was my crazy beautiful best friend. "SYRA!" I screamed. "AL!" she also screamed. We embraced each other in a hug like no other. "Shid, it's been so long my cutie!" Syra exclaimed after choking me to death. "I know! I know!" I replied. Syra sat down and ordered 2 lattes for the 2 of us. "So what's up?" She asked popping the p in 'up'. "Uh... Like I told you I'm screwed!" I looked at her like she was dumb. "Yeah I got all that handle no worries, love" she replied with a confronting tone. "'Love'? Already got the English on your tongue I suppose?" I laughed. Our lattes arrived and we started drinking. "Aw, well that's how it is!" she replied. "Thanks so much Syra, I love you with all my heart, I have no clue what I would be doing without you to be honest!" I said to her. "Al, I already told you... There's no need to thank me you're basically the one who got me through school so this is just some pay back!" Syra replied. We talked some more and finished our lattes. Syra paid for the bill after a load of argument. I grabbed my 2 bags and walked out along with Syra.

     She opened her car trunk and I put my bags into it. We then got into the car and started driving. "Soo, where we headed?" I asked. "My apartment... You can stay there as loooooong as you want because I have 2 rooms and I'm pretty lonely around anyways!" she answered. "Seriously? Where'd you get hooked up?" I asked confused. "Just a little agency that Lou Teasdale works in." Syra said with a smirk. "LOU? MEANING LOU LIKE LOU THAT STYLES HARRY STYLES!" I basically screamed. "Yeah yeah! Calm down! I have my ways and they've provided most of our needs and I told Lou about you too and she's glad to have all the help she needs" Syra said. "Syra. Syra. SYRA! You're freaking awesome!" I exclaimed. "That I am and you just see what happens the next morning!" She said with smile. "What?" I say confused. "Just wait. And watch." She said. 


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