Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


6. Movie Night!

* * * Alia's P.O.V * * *


     I walked into the flat and I couldn't see Syra in the living room. I took my coat and flats off and walked over to the kitchen. Sure enough, Syra was standing in front of the stove making... Maggi noodles! "Hey, Syra!" I said to her while wrapping my arms around her. She didn't say a word or even flinch. "Oh c'mon are you still mad at me?" I teased. No answer. "Well, might as well get mad now because Zayn and I..." I stopped there letting her mind roam. "MALIK DID NOT DO WHAT I THINK HE DID!" she yelled turning around. "What were you thinking?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "You didn't fuck him right?" Syra asked hesitantly cooking the noodles again. I started laughing. "Who bangs a girl in the middle of the day?" I asked laughing again. "Phew... Then what happened?" Syra urged me to go on. "He kind of asked me out and I kind of said yes..." I said slowly so that she wouldn't get pissed. "You kinda said yes or did you seriously say yes?" she asked. "I said yes" I replied. "Al, I've warned you once and that's all. But YOU GO GET IT GIRL!" she shrieked. "Seriously, I'll be careful!" I assured her. She poured the noodles into 2 bowls and ran to me and hugged me. "I'm happy for you, honestly. I knew from Day 1 that Zayn and you would have something going on" she went on. I beamed, I was so happy that Syra was happy with Zayn and I because I would've been seeing Syra everyday. I wouldn't have been okay with her mad at me for my relationship. 

     We both grabbed a bowl and sat down on the couch. Syra had Catching Fire on the telly. We dug into our Maggi noodles. "So, what's with Louis and you?" I asked looking at Syra. "There's nothing..." Syra looked at me with a solid expression. "Syra... I know every inch of you even better than yourself, don't lie" I said rolling my eyes. "Seriously? Who told you?" she asked getting annoyed. "Zayn, of course" I replied laughing. She muttered something under her breath. "Fine. Louis and I were together yesterday but it was totally friendly! And it did not end up like your date went!" She exclaimed. "HA! I knew it!" I yelled. "You guys will be so cute together though!" I whined. "Sure..." Syra said with a slight smile on her face. We continued eating our noodles.

     "So, how did Zayn ask you out!" Syra blurted out suddenly. I frowned. "It wasn't too cute or anything. He broke up with Perrie on the phone and just asked me out" I said sarcastically. "He broke up with Peru ugly idiot ( Sorry but this is just something a certain someone calls her ;) ) on the phone?! AWESOME!" Syra screamed out loud. I just laughed. We both knew how much she, dare I say, hated Perrie. "Anyways we were at the park nearby his house on this cute little bridge and it was pretty romantic." I said almost bushing. "Aw! My little Ali bear is growing up" Syra said with sadness in her eyes. She embraced me into her bear hug and we just closed our eyes and stayed there for 10 seconds. "Alright I'm gonna cry, get off of me!" I said while I let go of her. "Maybe I was wrong about Zayn. He looks like he really cares for you." Syra said. "Alright shut up we need to watch this movie!" I stopped her. We had been talking for about 20 minutes and we were missing the whole movie. "You clearly can't get enough of movies" Syra laughed and I just smirked. 

     After the movie ended it was around 10 pm and we were both exhausted from just eating and sitting on our asses. "Maybe we should get some sleep. Tomorrow Lou is going to be there to help us out with the boys' magazine shoot." Syra said lazily. Once those words registered in my mind I screamed. "LOU TEASDALE?" I asked. "Yeah, yeah you'll get to meet her!" Syra said smiling and getting off the couch. "Oh my lordie... How am I supposed to?..." I drifted off. "She's completely cool! Sleep on it girl!" she said and ran upstairs. I ran up behind her and straight into my room. I jumped on my bed and it sank in. I just thought of meeting Lou and smiled. I was going to be meeting my inspiration. Woah Alia you've gone farther then you thought you would already in such small time. Tomorrow was also Friday. I was going to the open house for Mary Kate University. Can this get any better? Nope! I got up and let my thoughts leave me for a while. I changed into a T-shirt and sweatpants. I laid back on my bed and decided to text Zayn. 

Me: Hey! *kissy face emoji*

Zayn: Hey babe! 

Me: What's up?

Zayn: Nothing really. Did you hear about tomorrow?

Me: Aha. YES! I'm so excited

Zayn: I knew you would be happy. Are you excited to see me tomorrow too by any chance?

Me: Is that even a question? Of course I am! But I get to meet Lou Teasdale tomorrow and I get to go to the open house to MKU with Syra. 

Zayn: It's a big day for you. Oh btw how did Syra react? 

Me: She's fine with it now *Happy emoji*

Zayn: Great! Glad to hear. 

Me: Yeah and Louis and her are getting heated up

Zayn: Mhm. How about you get some beauty sleep, love? It's getting late. 

Me: Alright then. Goodnight babe! *kissy face emoji along*

Zayn: Sweet dreams! x zzZ

     With that I put my phone down smiling. He makes me happy with just texting him! I can't wait for tomorrow. I curled up under my comforter and fell asleep. 

     * * * The Next Morning * * * 

    I woke up to my alarm at 8:30 am. Straight away I ran into the bathroom and took a shower. Afterwards, I picked out what to wear. I had to make a statement so... I picked a soft pink almost a nude sweater top with a silver snowflake on top with light gray skinny jeans. With uggs to go along with the outfit. ( ) I did my makeup by focusing the attention on my eyes. I put on light pink eyeshadow with it darkening as it went to the left. I blow dried my hair and pined the upper half and let the rest of my wavy curls loose. I slid on my coat and grabbed my bag. I put on my Michael Kors watch and walked out of my room. I went downstairs and prepared some strawberry Special K. "SYRAAA!" I screamed. Where the hell was this chick? "COMING!" I heard from upstairs following with a few thumps of stairs and there was Syra. "Here breakfast the most important meal of the day!" I said shoving a bowl of cereal in her hands. "Oh kay then mum" she joked. We ate and headed out for the photo shoot.


Okay another filler! Sorry for the infrequent updates! I'm seriously very busy right now and I'll be on track of updates in a week or so! Please bear with me! And if you have any advice don't be hesitant to comment below! TAAANKS -ZaynLoverxX

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