Through The Dark [ Z.J.M ]

Alia, a petite quiet girl who has a passion for style that she just can't give up. But when he parents force her into becoming what she cannot she'll snap. She runs away from home to... England. She starts living a new life with her best friend just wanting to achieve her dream. But will she get more than she expects....


3. Falling For You...

Uh 3rd update! Aye! So let me know what you guys want to see in this story and how you want it to go! I have a few plans... Hehe Not gonna tell you but you'll eventually see! Your support helps a lot so TANKS! Xx -ZaynLoverxX


    Alia's POV!

      Syra and I walked out of the dressing rooms and we walked into the room they were shooting. The minute we walked in we both started laughing hysterically. The boys were being so foolish! They were messing around on the couch, playing with each others' hair (Our hardwork doe...) basically doing everything except for focusing on the photo shoot. "The boys are never going to learn, this'll take some time." Syra exclaimed in between laughs. "I can see!" I laughed. Management was fussing about how the boys wouldn't work right. Finally, they sat down and took some candid shots. To be honest, they were very good looking, better than I thought they were. No wonder all these girls were crazy over them.

     The photo shoot ended earlier than estimated because obviously the boys wouldn't behave! The boys were back in the dressing room to change out and of course Syra and I were there to accompany them. Louis was the fastest to get changed out so Syra was talking with him. Me? I was just gazing off into space... Zayn was still on my mind. My mind kept diverting to him. I got so bored that I sat down on the styling chairs and propped it back and started playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood... With my legs up on the counter.

     It had been like 10-15 minutes, it was the same talking all around me and I was still on my phone. This time texting my friend Keandre or "K." I had the hugest crush on him for a long time but then we just became friends I just let that little story go. I hadn't told him that I had left and he was pretty sad over it.

*Text Conversation*

K: Oh c'mon Ali you couldn't even tell me once before leaving?! I'm finding this out from someone else?! I'm disappointed

Me: I'm sorry... It just happened so fast! I couldn't tell anyone I'm so sorry!

K: Whatever it just hurts a bit when your main leaves you like that...

     Ooh that last one hurt... I couldn't help but feel guilty. "Al?" Syra snapped in my face. "Hm?" I replied. "Get up and communicate with everyone!" She pushed. "Oh... Yeah alright..." I said a bit down. "What's wrong?" She asked. "K is mad because I left without telling him" I replied. "What? K didn't know? Ya know he doesn't even have the right to know he pretty much only talks to you when he needs you." Syra exclaimed. "Oh shuddup!" I said laughing even though it was true. We walked over to the boys and they were talking about the upcoming tour.

     "There's no way in hell I'm sharing a seat with this fella over here during the flight" Louis said pointing to Liam. "Hey! What's wrong with me?" Liam said in a confused tone. "What ISN'T? You're such a bore!" Louis yelled. I laughed looking over at Syra. "Anyways! Tell us about you Alia" Harry said interrupting everyone. I looked at him and then smiled. "Well, you know my name and I'd like to be called Al or Ali. Hm... I style pretty well I suppose. I'm 20 years old. Favorite color is turquoise. I'm pretty much quiet. I don't know if you have any questions you can ask?" I said stating things about myself. "I love your American accent." Harry said. "Thanks!" I replied smiling. "She's a bish too if you get on her nerves..." Syra said in a murmur. Everyone laughed including me but Zayn spoke up. "Hey, that's not nice." He said. "Who said I was nice?" Syra argued. "Who said you need to get mean?" Zayn spoke. Syra looked at him with her devious smirk. "Alright... No problem Zayn, I've known her for long enough and she says things like that a lot I don't mind at all." I said trying to clear things up. Zayn gave me a smile. "Hey, before I leave can I get my hair trimmed up a bit?" Harry asked. "No..." Syra replied. "I didn't ask you. I asked Al" Harry protested. (Haha Jimmy protested... I'll shuddup) "Syra he needs a major cut!" I said the truth. "But it looks nice and lazy that's what's in!" Syra said. "Who said to change the whole style? Just a bit trim from the sides and front!" I protested. "Just do it Al forget what Syra says." Harry said grabbing my hand and dragging me back to the stylist chairs. He sat down and pointed to my hair. I raised my eyebrows and grabbed the water spray. I sprayed his hair and fluffed it up. I grabbed the scissors and trimmed a few strands precisely. He popped out his dimples by smiling after I was finished. "You're so much better than Syra" Harry stated. "Hey! I heard that!" Syra screamed from the other side of the room. I laughed and stuck my tongue out at her. "Ha now what?" I laughed at her. "You just watch little girl when we get home!" She warned in a strict motherly tone "Sorray momma!" I replied. Everyone laughed at us.

     Soon enough everyone got ready to leave and I started getting my stuff together. I put my coat on, Syra and I walked out of the dressing room and through all the halls. "HEY! Wait up!" I heard a British voice call. We both turned around and it was Zayn in his coat with something in his hand. He opened up his palm and I saw my bracelet in his hand. "You left this on the table, love and I thought I should return it to you." He said with a warm smile. I took it and slid it back on my wrist. "Thank you so much, Zayn!" I said with a smile. He smiled and said "No problem" and walked away. Syra looked at me and pointed to where Zayn was and pointed to me and made a kissy face. I looked at her stunned and she dragged me away laughing.

     We got home at 8 pm and just threw ourselves on the couch and got glued to the telly. Yeah that's what they called it here in England. We were both wearing our "Bestie PJs" which I had brought along because I knew nothing could change our bestie hangouts! (Clothing: ) By the time we had picked out a good movie, gotten food, and made ourselves comfy, it was 8:30 pm. We decided to watch The Purge because we both hadn't seen it and it was worth a try! Glued ourselves together with popcorn in hand we started watching. "I'm gonna add you to this group chat with the boys kay?" Syra said in the middle of the movie. "Kay?" I said a bit terrified at the masked people on the screen. My phone started pinging every second. "ALRIGHT PAUSE." I said while pausing the movie and checking my phone. So turns out these people were talking about me and how hot I looked today. "Hm? Do they know that I'm included into this group chat now?" I asked. Syra typed on her phone and another ping went off. 'Hey Al just read all your texts you guys!' Syra had texted. I laughed and texted back 'Ha guys you're cute!'

*Text Conversation*


Harry: Oh okay fine! I'm sorry but you were looking very intelligent Al ;)

Liam: Beautiful lady you are I must say

Niall: You're cute!

Louis: See all these hoes. Tisk Tisk

Zayn: I may say these boys are just whimps. A real man would say it to her face

Syra: Oooooooo Zayn's got a point

Me: Haha! I accept all you guys' comments! Thank you! I try my best in looking good ;)

     "Zayn's giving me a feeling that he's starting to like you..." Syra said. "Syra... " I said in warning tone. "It's true! But I'm not going to let him get to you! He could hurt you! Hell to the no!" Syra replied. I smiled at her protectiveness. But what if it was true? Zayn developed feelings for me? My heart started to beat and before I knew it I was smiling down at my phone at Zayn's new text, 'You're gladly welcome, my beauty'



This was a very bad update so I'm going to call this a filler just to fill you guys in with a little.

Next update I'll try to spice things up with Alia & Zayn :DD
So what do you guys think so far? -ZaynLoverxX

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