I will love you forever

A bunch of girls fall in love with there best friends June fall for Michael
Perry falls for Luke
Nikki falls for Ashton
Zoe falls for Calum
But there's some thing that the girls aren't telling them and that they are in a band called the mask

May have sex scenes


1. chapter one


"June get up now or you will be late for school"! My mum yelled. I get out of my bed I go into my closet I get out my black skinny jeans with a black top with a rock symbol with my all black converse shoes.

I walk into my bathroom I put on my make up and my phone goes off I look at it I got a text from my best friend Michael I open it it says " I will be at your house in a couple of minutes so you better be ready".

I finished my make up and walk out my mum and my twin sister are eating breakfast I get a pice of toast I start to eat it. My sister and I are really close but we are more close to our guy best friend like and Michael. I know my sister likes Luke but they both don't want to tell each other how they feel about each other.

Michaels car horn goes off we both said "bye mum". She said"bye". We walk out of the house perry gets into they back of the car and guess who is in there Luke and I sit in the front. Michael said"hey Junior how are u"? I look at him I punch him I the arm I said" I'm good what about you?"

He drives off we get to school we meet up with Ashton ,Calum, Zoe and Nikki. I walk to my locker I have art first 2 periods Michael in my art class. Michael walks up to me he said" so June what are u doing tonight?" I said" well nothing why?" He looks at me he was going to say something but the bell goes we walk to the class room.

We get into the room Michael takes my phone he take a selfie the teacher said" okay what Michael just did you are going to work with the person you are sitting next you are going to take a photo of yourself I there phone and you are going to print it out and re-draw it you may start".

I take mikes phone off him I take a picture on his phone we print out the photos we start to draw I only just notice that I might be In love Michael my best friend but I know that he wouldn't feel the same way about me.

We start to draw I start with his eyes i look into his eyes i look back down at my page and with in minutes Michael says" holy crap June that looks really good". I look at his I said" yeah well yours looks good to".

The teacher said " okay it's time to pack up". We all start to pack up when we are done we have to stand behind our seats.

The bell goes...

We all walk out of the class room Michael grabs my hand he said" we can go to your locker then mine". I nod we walk off we finally get to my locker I did my combination I put my books in my locker I closed my locker and put my lock on it we walk off to go to Michaels locker he did the same an then the post-it comes up to us. He said" hey Kelly". She kiss him I walk off.

I thought he would come after me but he didn't well I guess that he won't feel the same way about me as I do about him. I find my best friends they yell " June!" I yell back "PERRY, ZOE AND NIKKI"! We have a group hug then they walk past us.

We sit down at the table I walk to find myself in the music room no one knows that me and the girls are in a band I draw on my own guitar and they all liked it so I drew on Perry's base and she loved it.

The bell goes

I have English I go to my locker Michael's there he looks at me he was about to say something but I walk off. I walk in the class room I sit next to Luke and Ashton so Michael can't sit any where near me.

Michael walks in the room he sees me and the guys I can tell that he is angry but I'm mad at him. He said"what the hell June why the hell are you and at me for!" I walk out of the class room and I walk home.

I get home to find mum was at work. I walk in the bath room I lock the door behind me I walk over to the sink I pull out a blade I put on my wrist and I start to cut I heard banging on the door. Some one kicks down the door it was Michael he said" June you told me that you stopped with cutting". I looked at him I said" Michael she kissed you and you yelled at me". He looks at me confused.

I walk out to find every one there I walk out of the house and walk to the park were my dad would take me before he left I sit in the bench I start to draw the trees I look at the tree to see the craving that Michael and I put on it after my dad left us.

Some one sits next me I looks at him it's Michael I said" how many time do I have to walk away to make you leave me alone". He said"June your my best friend and I need to tell you something".


I know that Junes mad at me for what Kelly done when she kissed me. The first time I meet June was when we were 5 years old and we became best friends like that over the time I have fallen move in love with her.

When I had a go at her she ran out of the class room Luke looks back at me he said"go run after her you idiot". I run after to her she runs all the way to her house she opens the front door and walks in.

I follow her inside he walks into the bathroom she locked the door I know what she is going to do. I kick down the door so see her arms covered in blood I said" June you told me you stop cutting". She walks off to find all our friends I'm her living room she runs out of the house and she goes to the park were her dad used to take her.

She is drawing the tree I look at the tree and it's the one with our names caved in it. I sit down she said" how many times do I have to walk away for you to leave me alone". I said" June I need to tell you something". She looks at me she said" yeah what do you want to talk about?"

I said" okay here goes June I'm in love with you okay I have been in love with you for 10 years and that kissed didn't mean anything okay I love you and only you". She kisses me i said" do you want to go out with me?" She looks at me she said" Michael Clifford I would love to be your girlfriend".

We are walking back to her house we are holding hands I said" June if you ever cut again you tell me". She nods I kiss her she walks in side of her house. I walk off I get into my car I drive to Ashton's house I get out of my car I walk to his door

I knock on the door he opens it I walk in he said" Michael why are you so happy?" I look at him I said" she is my girlfriend". He looks at me confused I said " junior she my girlfriend". He hugs me I said" what about you and Nikki you like her and she likes you". He said" man I have no clue how to ask her out". I stayed at Ashton's

The next day....

I wake up to Ashton yelling"MICHAEL CLIFFORD GET UP!" I get up I text my now girlfriend/ best friend. I start to get ready I get my black skinny jeans, my ACDC black top and my all black converse shoes.

I get in my car I drive to Junes and Perry's house so I can pick my girlfriend. I get into my car Ashton gets in the car I call her I said" hey babe I will be at your house in 5 minutes". She said"okay babe I love you". I said"I love you too". I hung up the phone.

I look at Ashton he smiles at me. I get to Junes house I knock at the door and he mum opens the door she said "Michael Clifford come on it". I said" thank you belle". She said" so are you and June you know". I said" going out yes we are I hope you don't mind". She said" no I knew that you liked her just didn't want to say anything to her and guess what I won the bet between your mother and I". I look at her she smiles.

June walks down from her room she looks beautiful I smile at her I walk to be near her. I hug her she kisses me. She said" umm perry she is sick so she won't be coming". I nod she said "bye to her mum". We walk out to the car.

Ashton's gets out if the car and gets in the back seat he said"no perry". She said" no because she is sick". Ashton said" well Luke will be sad that his best friend won't be at school". She said" I know that perry likes Luke do you think that Luke likes perry?" I said" yeah he has had a crush on her since 2 year ago". She said" do you think that we should try to get them together?" We all nod

she said" Ashton what's with you and Nikki you should totally ask her out". He said" yeah right like she would ever like me". June smiles at me.

I grab her hand. We get to school I turn off the car we walk out of the car. Luke runs up to us he said" umm where is perry". June said" she is sick so mum said I have to go home early to take care if her". I look at her she smiles at me. We are walking to your locker and her ex-boyfriend comes up he said" hey June". She didn't say anything back to him

We have art so we are walking to the art room she grabs my hand I smile. We had to finish off the picture I look at Junes hers is really good. I said" babe that's really good". She said" no yours is better than mine". Smile at her she puts her hand in my face she smiles she said" i love you so much Michael". I said" I love you too".

Her phone goes off. She said" I have to go I will call you later tonight". I nod


Hi this is my first time showing people my witting not just my teachers.

I hope that you guys like this book I will update when I can and just like comment I don't mind if you write bad things because I can take it

And I'm sorry that it's a very short chapter but I don't know how many pages this is so I'm sorry if it's like 2-3 pages

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So yeah


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