The New Girl

Cho - beautiful, gifted and smart is led to believe she is worthless and a piece of sh*t.
Friendships are temporary but the pain is ever present.


3. This isn't a classroom!?

Holding open a door, with his soft lips brushing my ear,"Come inside," he whispers.

"Um, Jude," I laugh, "This is not my classroom."

"I know. However it is a classroom inside Elizabeth block." He picks me up and I wrap my legs round his waist for more support. He sits me on the teachers desk.

Walking back to the door he asks, "Do you know what's about to happen?"


He locks the door and walks to the back of the teachers desk.

"Always keep keys of the school."

He smiles

"Are you okay with it?"


He spins me round and I wrap my legs around his waist once again. His lips are soft and warm, his gentle hands move down my back then back up as he begins to stroke my hair.

He holds me secure and then jumps up onto the table, our legs and arms still entangled. Jude takes his lips off mine and I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Welcome to Brookwood High, Cho"


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