The New Girl

Cho - beautiful, gifted and smart is led to believe she is worthless and a piece of sh*t.
Friendships are temporary but the pain is ever present.


2. Jude De Laux

'It's not fair,' I think to mysef, 'it's only lesson two and I'm lost.'

I look at my timetable again, knowing I have to be in the Elizabeth block but I don't know which block I'm in now. It's hopeless.

"Lost?" Says a deep, soothing voice but with a hint of playfulness in it. I turn around but don't recognise the face. "I'm Jude, Jude De Luax."

"You sound like you blooming James Bond."

He laughs but it doesn't sound real, it sounds sort of forced and serious.

He leans down to my height, acting as if I'm a chid "Let me show the way," Standing at his full height, "timetable." he orders and I obey.

"Elizabeth Block? Good."

My face must portray the worry that is suffocating my brain, as he whispers "I'm there too."

He turns sharply and strides out the doors,  and I follow meekly in his wake.

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