The New Girl

Cho - beautiful, gifted and smart is led to believe she is worthless and a piece of sh*t.
Friendships are temporary but the pain is ever present.


4. I think I will.

It's 2 weeks after our first kiss and it isn't going well. He isn't actually that nice, he makes Rochelle, Mia and Chloe make their clones bully some kid.

Should I break up with him?

I think I will.

"Hey babe," He mumbles lazily as he hugs me, standing back he sees my face, "what?"

"Jude. Um... I don't like what your doing to that kid, it isn't right."

"It's not any of your business." He replies solemnly.

"IT IS! YOUR BULLYING AN 11 YEAR OLD! SOD IT! I'M DONE WITH YOU!" I begin to storm off but he grabs my hair.

"You really sure about that?"

"Sure, asshole." I hiss back.

"Oh, tut tut tut. You shouldn't have done that."  With a single push, he sends me flying across the room, "Still sure?"

I look him in the eyes and give a curt nod.

"Oh you really shouldn't have done that." And he stalks out the room.

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