Fallen Angels

Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit, for without being seen they guide you from afar.


3. Wings


Feathers fluttered in the wind as they slowly fell. Whereas the wings they came from twisted and turned trying to free the struggling creature they were attached to upright. Pitch black clouds surrounded the once elegant life-form as it tried to fight the demon within the clouds. The demon watched as scarlet trickled down the creature wings and delighted as it let out a pained cry.

The shadow darted around its prey soon getting bored of its weak attempts to get free. The last one was more fun. The thoughts of the young girl sent a shiver down it's spine. Now that was a person who wanted to live. Its had been fascinated with her eyes. It looked as though they had stared death in the face a thousand times and never even blinked. Soon it decided to stop playing with its meal and the last thing that was heard was an eerie wail then silence.

A crumpled heap of feathers and bones littered the floor and the beasts bloody grin slowly faded leaving behind the rotting remains that had been one of gods glorious creatures. But to make sure that God knew who did this it left a little message. Carved into the skull where two little words in angelic writing.

'I'm back'

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