Fallen Angels

Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit, for without being seen they guide you from afar.


2. Falling


The wind was howling and swirling all around her as she struggled to remain upright. The vortex of black seemed to engulf her as the Earth drew ever closer. Her breath came out in short pants while the wings beat back the wind trying to get their owners body far from the ground as possible. The eyes hidden in the shadow was enjoying her suffering as it did many before her. That's when the sound rang through her ears. Signalling her impending doom. A loud crack echoed through the air and soon she knew she had no chance to survive that she too will become a fallen.

The ground came rushing towards her. Her left wing tried to slow her fall while her right was limp and lifeless at her side, stained scarlet from the open wound on the joint. Her silver eyes fluttered closed as she gave in to her fate.

'So this is what it feels like...to know its all over' Her mind was screaming at her to save herself, but she didn't listen. All she could hear was the air whizzing past, but then she heard the crashing of waves and the annoying screeches of seagulls. The salty air hit her like a misty blanket and soon her mind kicked into action. Her only working wing quickly snapped out trying to ride the wind as best it could to divert the body it was attached too, close to the only thing that could save it. The sea.   

The ocean lapped at her body as she climbed out of its murky depths. Her lungs gulped in large amounts of air trying to calm the racing heart. Her body felt like stone as she slowly sunk down onto the golden sand below her.

"I'm alive? Farther you want me to live? But why you sent me here in the first place?" No answer. She should have expected that as she knew farther didnt speak to the glorious creations that disobeyed him.

She shook her head trying to get rid of the cloud that plagued her mind. Soon her limbs and joints became stiff. Her eyes dropped trying to get her to sleep. She tried to fight it but to no use. She passed out form sheer exhaustion.  Not long after a soft sound made its way across the sand towards her slumbering form.

Gentle foot prints and the outline of a young girl was all that was left a few moments later.  

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