Fallen Angels

Make yourself familiar with the angels and behold them frequently in spirit, for without being seen they guide you from afar.


4. Darkness


The cold stone tiles beneath her feet, the walls that surrounded her and the never-ending hall way were all one colour she had hoped not to see. Obsidian, Onyx, jet or as it is more commonly known; black. It embraced her in its suffocating hold yet it was warm. A small voice called out from the darkness.

"Twyla...." Her heartbeat picked up pace and she shook. That voice was familiar but who was it?

"Help me Twyla..." Then something tugged her insides and she felt like her organs wanted to burst from her chest. 

She woke to the wind screeching outside begging to be let in the small home. The smell of tomato soup wafted through the air and caressed her nose with its sweet scent and promise of filling her stomach. Before she could tell what was happening she had made her way into an overcrowded kitchen. A young boy (around 18) stood behind the stove. A large pot in front of him. His face serious as he slowly stirred the orange liquid. A mop of black hair covered his head and cast a shadow over his eyes.

The floor creaked under her weight as she crept into the room. She froze as the boy spun round, the spoon ready to be lobbed in her direction. He lowered the spoon and sighed.

"It's only you" His voice was deep and quick. He went back to the soup and seemed to forget that a woman who was still covered in blood was standing right behind him. Her head tilted to the side in curiosity. She had never seen anyone who wasn't in awe of her or her kind. She flexed her wings and winced in pain as her right wing responded with a dull throb.

"You might want to keep that wing still" His voice surprised her as she didn't realize how close he was. His fingers gently unwrapped bandages that covered the grisly wound. He replaced them with clean ones and tried his best not to hurt her.

"What happened? How did you get so hurt?" His question confused her.

"Um...I was attacked" He shook his head and sat down at the old oak table.

"By Humans?" His voice held what sounded like disappointment.

"No...I was attacked by a dark shadow..." Her voice was a whisper as she tried to explain everything.

"Well you're not the first person...angel sorry, to report something like this happening" Then a loud thundering crash echoed through the area. The boys head shot round facing the back of the house.

"Stay here!" His voice was commanding and she felt a strange urge to listen to what he said.

"But-" She couldn't finish her sentence as he had already propelled his body through the house towards the sound.


He threw open the barn door to be met with a giant cloud of dust. He threw an arm over his mouth as he coughed and spluttered. His eyes caught a flash of crimson before he was thrown against the barn wall. Soon a pair of deep emerald eyes stared into his own.

"Where is she?" The voice was light as though he didn't really care if the person he had just hit would tell him what he wanted.

"I will tell you nothing!" The green eyes darkened and soon the owner of the blue eyes was struggling to breath.

"What's your name human?" The voice was calm and soothing.

"Kinzoku....." He didn't know what made him tell this creature before him his name but something did. He thought that maybe it was that fact that he was staring at one of gods most glorious creatures. But he also thought that maybe it was his eyes, the way the emerald mist seemed to swirl and hold untold secrets.

"Hmm...My name is Huo. I'll meet you on the other side!" Kinzoku could feel Huo's grip slowly tighten and crush his airways. His hands started to search for something to help him escape. Then it met cold metal. He grabbed the steel object and wedged it into Huo's shoulder blade. Huo's grip instantly vanished and Kinzoku fell to the ground. Huo's yell wasn't human as he wrenched the spanner from his shoulder.

"You bastard! You'll pay for that!" Huo lunged forwards, hands out stretched as well as his wings ready to rip the poor person in front of him to shreds. Kinzoku rolled out of the way grabbing another spanner and lobbed it towards Huo's quaking form. A dull thud signaled it had hit it's target. Scarlet trickled down Huo's face running down his cheeks then gently falling off his chin.

A pale hand slowly reached up and gripped the unwanted metal that was logged into his forehead. A loud hissing noise accompanied the burning flesh that fell off of Huo's face and hand.

"Well, looks like to found out what hurts us!" The metal hit the floor and soon Huo's feet made their way towards Kinzoku's shaking form.

"Do you know what Humans are weak to?" His head tilted to the side his long ruby red hair falling into his face casting his face in shadow.

"A lot of things can hurt a human: Disease, animals, weather and even each other but on thing that can hurt them without them even knowing is the silent wings of an angel" Soon Huo was standing a few feet away from Kinzoku a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. Then he went flying backwards with a large smack.

"Don't touch him!"  

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