My unrequited love

I know your average girl. Skinny, long and silky hair, short dress, pretty smile, coverup makeup, thin eyebrows. I'm not like that - slightly muscular, broader shoulders, prefers jumpers and long sleeves.
"I like that". He smirks.


1. So this is a diary

1. So this is a diary

Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of diaries before but I haven't ever managed to write in them daily for a whole month straight. I think the most was... Three weeks?

Anyway this time I will write in it every single day. Pinky promise. Seriously.

So I turn on the TV, thinking that maybe I'm actually on time for once but as usual I arrive in the middle of the theme song,

'Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave, and I'll show you...', yup you got it, I'm a pretty little liars viewer. Seriously, I need an award for being so patient. I mean, come on, other series are like, one every week, even day!(?) so why do I have to wait so long. Get it over with already.

The episodes are so good though, it's definitely worth it.

So there I am relishing every second to memorize and to talk about with June tomorrow and then the advert comes on. Let me just clarify a question I have. Why do the stupid adverts have to start at the best bits?? Groaning, I reach for the remote to change the channel until the adverts are over but then just as I reach it, it falls! It actually falls! Like why?! So obviously I don't need it any more and I stick to watching the advert on some baby milk powder. Great(!)

After that I try to force my body to move out of the couch and maybe finish the homework for tomorrow when someone pings me. I reach for my phone, carefully trying not to make it fall and you can feel my shock when I see that it's from Jason. oh my giddy god, what do I do? Who am I again? Jasmine, you idiot. I'm good with social situations. Or talking to anyone in general. But I don't generally text guys so how did he get my number? Spooky. An imaginary cave emerges for me to hide in but I thud back outside to check what he said,

'Hey Jas, can you send me the science homework please? Thanks'

I read it thrice,

1) He called me JAS

2) He texts me only for homework

3) He didn't even bother to say how are you or something...


Thirty minutes later:

Does 'heyy', sound too personal? Maybe I'll go with, 'Hi', yea that sounds like I'm just hanging,

'Hi Jason, the homework is on the school student page in your folder', I'll add a joke so he thinks I'm cool,

'Both our names are Jas, abbreviated, LOL', Is that too weird? YES, delete that, then, I'll send it!

I Click send, then I chuck the phone on the couch, seconds later he pings me back.

'Aha, u r crzy, thanks, love ya',

I'm not fudghing crazy! I'm just too hilarious. I read it again, and again, and again. Then I screenshot it. He said he loves me. I'm paralyzed.

But I'll move enough to grab the phone and call June,

"Juuuueeeee!" ,

"Hey Jazzy, I have too much homework" she exclaims,

then we have a whole convo on 'Ugh, school',

"NO, STOP, Don't distract me, guess what!!!" I say,

"Whaaaaat?" She asks me,

"Jason said he loves me" I say proudly,

"... No way",

"No, seriously, look I'll send you it",

".. Umm, yup got it... Wow, he did say he 'loves' you, I guess",

"So is he gunna like be all couple-y tomorrow?" I ask her mockingly jovial,

"No, you idiot, how on earth are we besties?? That's just an extra thanks for the homework! Seriously, you might get top marks in school but when it comes to love, you are hopeless" she says,

"Hey! You know I'm kidding! Seriously, how jealous can one get?", I say,

"What? I swear to god, what are you talking about, idiot",

"Don't call me an idiot!",

"Kk, Goodnight, you are coming over tomorrow for a sleepover, yeah?",

"Mmm, yea, okai, love you, mwah",

"Love you too",

We giggle and she puts the phone down. June's my undeclared sister and I love her so much. I'm not gunna try to explain how this love feels because I'll just sound cheesy and weird. It's a feeling for god's sake.

Anyways, then mum calls me down and we have a family dinner in front off the television and dad keeps cracking jokes. He's the best seriously, my life is good

So this is my first diary entry. I feel like I'm messed it up but it's my life. Don't judge me (joke),

I'll write in this tomorrow, pinky promise, byee xX



Hey, thanks for reading! Actually, this account was because I loved reading all the books but I thought that I would give it a try myself so this is my movella, hope you liked it!

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