My unrequited love

I know your average girl. Skinny, long and silky hair, short dress, pretty smile, coverup makeup, thin eyebrows. I'm not like that - slightly muscular, broader shoulders, prefers jumpers and long sleeves.
"I like that". He smirks.


4. News travels fast

4. News travels fast

Monday again - I'm late. I run out of the bus. My feet repeatedly thuds against the concrete, my breath skims across the air in foggy clouds and my bag attacks the back of my shoulders with every step, I'm almost at the school gates, and it all comes to an abrupt stop when I crash straight into someone.

I know exactly what you're thinking.

Typical movies always have a beautiful, slow crash where the hero and heroine fall over and they apologise and lots of intimate touching and eye contact happens. Admit it, we've all watched a ton of those.

Those movie directors need to be sat down and be given a reality check.

As I crashed with this slender silhouette of a person, a couple of things happened - all simultaneously but a second after the one before in this order.

1. My feet were violently crushed by two significantly larger, what-felt-like rock. feet

2. My knees cracked against the ground

3. Three of my nails literally chipped - I blame my mum for passing on the gene for an iron deficiency

4.  My new TIGHTS had giant ladders (groan)

I push myself off the poor guy's chest and mumble an apology before turning to make it in time for what's left of registration at school when a hand snaps out and pulls me back,

"um?! Where do you think you're going, then?" the guy asks and as I look at him, I realise he's wearing uniform from the same school as me but I'd never seen his face before,

"Umm, I'm late for school so I really need to go, sorry for bumping into you", I say rapidly,

"Great. First day of school, and already some peasants run me over and then tries to get away with it. Look here, Munchkin, I'm Lucius and I'm new here. As you've already ruined my day, how about you be my guide form now on? And how did you manage to get into a school of that standard?" He says, smirking. I take a step back,

"I go to the school because I'm smart... Well, most of the time, I'm not short to be a munchkin, and I can't be your guide because... I might not even be in your class", I retort back lamely. He reaches back and I flinch as he grabs my timetable from the bag and reads out, 'Class B'.

"Well, I'll ask for class B then",

"You literally don't choose"

"I don't care"

I sigh exasperated and flail my arms up,

"Look here, Mister Lucifer", He glares down at me, "We are now both extremely late for school, so can we please start walking and sort this out at school?" I insist and he walks away slowly, beckoning me to follow. I walk a step behind him and think about this. 

So I bumped into this guy because I'm a klutz. He seems to be a snarky, new guy at my school and he wants me to be his guide. I sigh again - Only happens to me. I glance up at him. His fringe's combed back in the way all teens have when its too short to have it cut but too long to let out and his nape was visible. His eyes were the brown of coffee drops in warm milk and he seems to bend forward slightly as guys do when they're not quite used to the growth spurt, not used to the transition of a boy to a man. His muscles were slight but prominent through the way his clothes fell around his arms and his hands were bare; but for a single ring on his pinky finger. He glances down at me and I jerk my head forward, conscious that I was staring at him,

"I'll take you to school because it's an excuse for being late to take the new student but I am not being your guide, sorry" I say shrugging. The girls at school were going to go crazy when they see this guy and I don't need any more freaking drama in my newly found aura of calm and peace so I really don't need this extra package. 

He smirks annoyingly again,

"Yes you will, Munchkin"

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