My unrequited love

I know your average girl. Skinny, long and silky hair, short dress, pretty smile, coverup makeup, thin eyebrows. I'm not like that - slightly muscular, broader shoulders, prefers jumpers and long sleeves.
"I like that". He smirks.


6. Munchkin

6. Munchkin

"And so that got me wondering..." I jump behind June and start shuffling down the corridor,

"Why're you hiding?" She whispers,

"That's Mr Lucif... LUCIUS" I mutter back. He was barely visible through the hubbub of girls and guys who were talking to him. I forget my hiding and stare at him smiling so happily,

"what the actual muffin? He was so rude before and now he's smiling like a normal person?" I rant a little too loudly,

"Oh, excuse me, my guide's here", I jump, startled as he walks over to me and smiles,

"We have psychology next, I believe?",

"Surely, you can ask one of your friends over there to take you" I retort and look around, where did June go. Oh, she found the love of her life, aka, her boyfriend,

"No, you're my guide, let's go" He says brightly,

"Fine", I walk back into the science building until I'm abruptly stopped by two hands on my shoulder. I swivel around and punch him in the stomach,

"Don't. Touch. Me",  I hiss at him and he throws his hands up in mock-surrender,

"Chill, I'm going to the toilets",


"So, wait for me like a good guide should"

"For the love of... Hurry up then"

I sigh and lean against the wall as he strolls into the boy toilets. What is my life? No, it's not a bad thing, I'm just an extremely kind hearted person. I mean, look at me, I'm helping and giving back to our school community. A sense of pride rushes to my head and pushes my chin up,

I notice a couple literally making out under the stairs in the corner and quickly avert my eyes. Not cute. Really don't appreciate that, I'm sorry, hate me all you'd like but public displays of affection is a no nopedy nope. I glance down at my watch, 11:20

Panic sends my telepathic thoughts insane,

"HEY MISTER LUCIFER! We're late! L-A-T-E" I scream inside of my head as if on cue, he walks out. I stare for a second,

"No way did you gel your hair in there!", I snicker while he blushes and scrunches his eyebrows,

"NO. What's wrong with you. Can you shut it and take us to psychology, we're late  you know" he replies as if it was MY fault,

"Wow, that is a hundred percent your fault, hurry up",

Shoving my bag back onto my shoulders, I walk swiftly past the couple under the stairs until a voice calls out,

"Hey Jasmine", I turn my head sharply to see Jason with some girl cradled on his lap,

"H... Hi" I force a stiff smile, wave and walk at the speed of light until  a cold hand grabs my arms,

"Oy, Slow down, you're going to fall", I brush Lucius' hand away and nod, letting the wind cool my head,

"Your fault we're late, Mister Lucifer", I mumble as we enter the science building,

"Is that right? ... Munchkin" I slap his arm and take a deep breathe, trying to come up with an excuse for why I'm late other than, 'I had to wait outside the boys' toilets'.


"Yes, June, he was with another girl, he was making out and it was gross and I don't care" I repeat for the what seemed like the thousandth time,

"Hey, crushes don't always work out, you alright?" June is positive that I'm heartbroken and will be listening to 'someone like you' for the next month or something,

"It's just a crush. I think I was more surprised that I don't care. You know what? I'm going to ultimately stop caring about guys. Love isn't for me and I'm not for love. Screw it. It's just a primative dependency emphasized by stupid social constructs. From this day on... I will not give my heart up to anyone or need anyone but myself. I will pamper me and only me" I rant as we nibble on cookies,

"Atta girl. Go treat YO SELF" She says with peak level of sass and we burst into giggles.

I pull out paper and fold in until it's thin and write in capitals, 'NO MORE LOVE'. I poke holes using a pencil on either side and pull a long red ribbon through it and tie it at the back. Then I place it around my head like a head band and stand on the table,

"JUNE, DO SOME DRAMATIC NARRATING", I yell down and stand up fierce,

"She stood tall, beckoning the almighty forces to surrender to her just cause. The strong gale lifts her skirt sending flutters through the pleats, (seriously though, pull your skirt down, no one wants to see that ish), and her delicate, yet powerful, hands strive upwards reaching into the opaque sky. The ribbons of her headband flies gently through the sky and makes her aim clear. Her fists hold her untold stories tight, she straightens her posture , eyebrows raised and feet placed together she screams...",

I take a deep breathe, "THIS. IS. spAAAAAAARRRTTAAAAAaaaa....'

My voice fades out and someone says,

"Ok, I know you're some kind of a freak but what is actually wrong with the pair of you?" Mister Lucifer sighs and takes a seat. I point my finger at him,

"Who said you could sit down?" I ask squinting at him,

"Sit down, munchkin, I know I'm bored but this isn't entertaining". He starts talking to June so I sit at the round table and place my head in my arms, tired,

"Jas!" I look up at June, "Shall we go practise then?" I look at the time,

"Did I fall asleep?" I ask her shocked,

She giggles, "Yup, go to bed earlier jeez, anyways, Lucius wants to hear your sing, let's go practise!",

I look over at Lucius who seems mildly amused at the situation,

"HAH, no. Wake me up at the end of lunch, thank you", I put my head back down until two hands push me off the chair,

"DID YOU JUST ASSAULT ME" I say loudly to Lucius,

"Stop being a diva. I bet you're not singing because you're embarrassed to have a person like me of such a high status watching" He smirks and I push him of his chair,

"You wish, muffin head, blehhh" I stick my tongue at him,

He laughs. Like the kid actually laughs, closed eyes and his dimples come out of hiding. He realizes and covers his mouth for a second,

"This is why you're a munchkin", He saunters off as a group of guys call him and I look at June,


"Let's go!"

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